World Heritage Junior Ranger

Thank you everyone for all your nice messages about my encounter with the new girl. I haven't seen her outside since, but I am going to be friendly to her if I run into her. Maybe if we do become friends, I can tell her that my family might look differently, but we are still a family and we love each other no matter what.

Future Park Ranger

Today, before ballet class, I went outside to play and wait for the mailman. I was waiting for a special package! There were no other kids my age outside, because most of them were probably in school. Now that it's springtime, the grass is growing so quickly! I wonder when our building's caretaker will mow our little grassy area?

Future Park Ranger

Eventually, the mailman arrived. I ran right up to him and he told me he had my package! It was my new Junior Ranger badge for doing the World Heritage program! World Heritage Sites are like National Parks and Monuments, only they are all over the world. Several of America's National Parks are also World Heritage Sites. The National Park Service has a great kids' website where you can earn this badge by learning about the World Heritage Program around the world. Click here to go to the site- you can earn a badge too!

Future Park Ranger

I love doing Junior Ranger programs! Doesn't my outfit look kind of like a park service outfit? I think it does! When I grow up, I am going to be a Park Ranger or a ballet dancer. I would love to teach other kids about the natural and cultural wonders in the United States. Do you have something you are passionate about? What do you think you'll be when you grow up?

P.S. I know the pink poufs in my hair don't match my clothes. What's a good place to get little hair scrunchies for when I wear teddy bear buns?


  1. Inky, I love your badge! We are big on camping and visiting national parks and I would love to get a badge, too.
    I like what you said about the new girl and hope you guys can become friends.

  2. I love waiting for mail when there's something coming for me! But most of the time it's just bills for my parents.

    I want a world heritage junior ranger badge! I only have one junior ranger badge, and it's from Manzanar.

    When I grow up, I want to do something with language ow writing or history. Or maybe something visual because I like colors and composition. I don't know. You're lucky to already have some specific ideas!

    Maybe try CVS/longs for hair ties. I got some a little like yours, but blue, from there. They usually have a lot of choice.

  3. Congrats Inky .. I wish I could get some ranger badges .. we will have to go online and see about it .. we will not be doing any traveling this year to parks .. but that would be fun ..

    Ta Ta,

  4. Cute teddy bear buns! Congratulations on your badge Inky!

  5. Congrats on your bagde! You always look cute in teddy bear buns. ;) I don't know where to get those hair ties, maybe try Walgreen's or CVS or somewhere else.


  6. Congratulations on getting the badge! You look awesome with teddy bear buns. Maybe you could make your own scrunchies then they could match perfectly? If not a pound store might have some.
    (I guess this is a dollar store in America? Because pounds are either a weight or your version of an animal shelter...) I want to be a pyschologist, writer and perhaps a photographer. Nicki wants to be a... something... and Becky an actress.
    ~Libby (hijacking Nicki's account xP)

  7. Congratulations! Your outfit is awesome; it looks very professional.
    Maybe you could be a ballet dancer and then retire early to be a Park Ranger? That way, you could experience the best of both worlds!

    Your hair is really cute. :) Mine is too curly to put up in buns, but maybe Walgreens would have the scrunchies?

    I want to be a professional swimmer. Or maybe an author, but I really want to be an athlete! :D Ruthie wants to be an actress, of course, and Gwen isn't totally sure, but she wants to do something involving music.


  8. Inky-

    I absoloutely LOVE when you put your hair up like that. It's so adorable! Yes, your outfit does kind of look like a park surface outfit. Oh, and have you ever put your hair down? Like, completely? I'd love to see it like that.

    Check for target for scrunchies. They're awesome.


  9. Maybe you can borrow some from Yeva?

    Also, how about you be a Park Ranger who does ballet in her spare time? That might work!

    -Natalie, a MAG #40