Picking the Giveaway Winner

Picking a Winner

Today at noon, I had a special job to do- pick the winner of the Pink Hearts Outfit Giveaway! I get an e-mail every time someone comments, so I had a long list of entries and several entries from people who earned multiple entries by making more comments. Once I had the total number of all my entries, I entered them into a random number generator, random.org.

It turns out the winner is:

Claire R. !!

I looked at Claire's profile and she also loves ballet and American Girl dolls. Congratulations Claire! Please have your parent e-mail me at inky.pavlova@gmail.com with your address so I can mail you your prize!

Thanks to everyone who entered. I'm still celebrating my move to the new location, so I will start taking entries for the next giveaway in a special post on Monday. Here's the outfit you can win next week:

Spring 2010 Purchase W Purchase


  1. Congrats to Clair R and I totally love the next give away .. Mama is going to start some give aways with the store too ..

    I love your blog Inky .. .. Kelsyee

  2. Yes, congrats to Clair R. We love give aways and are happy someone gets a new outfit!

  3. Congrats to the winner!

    We would love to enter your next giveaway- that outfit is so cute!

    I love your blog, Inky. :D


  4. Félicitations, Claire!
    I love that new PWP outfit! The tee design is so cute, and I've been wanting AG to make denim shorts again.


  5. Congratulations, Claire! You're next give-away is too adorable.

  6. Please, if you give me a congrats,please spell my name right. It is Claire. Not Clair

  7. Inky, I see you have a new laptop. What happened to the old one?

  8. Congratulations to Claire R.! I'm super glad that you moved to blogspot, Inky. What a fun idea for giveaways!

  9. Congratulations to Claire R. What fun to win a gorgeous new outfit! The new give-away is REALLY nice too. This is a great way to make new friends, Inky.

  10. It be Monday Inky!

  11. Congrats Claire!

    Hi Inky! I'm Wendy. I like your blog! =)

  12. Congrats Claire!

    The new outfit is cute and Sonali looks great in it!