My New Quilt!

The best gifts in the world are homemade. I know it's hard to remember that when you want a Wii or the latest Ugly Doll, but it's true. I made friends with two really cool dolls, Melody and Lizzy. They live in California and their talent is quilting! I told them about how I've always wanted a special quilt, made just for me, and they told me they'd make me one! In exchange, I am going to make them lots of custom t-shirts.

Sketch for Inky's Quilt

The first thing I had to do was draw my design. I made up the design for my quilt a long time ago, but I had never actually drawn it out. Can you see what's in the drawing? It's Sputnik, the first artificial satellite, with Vostok, the Soviet space capsule. It's flying above the earth! After I drew my design, I sent it in the mail to Melody and Lizzy.

Lizzy and Melody quilting

Melody and Lizzy took my drawing and used it to cut out the pieces of fabric they needed to make the quilt. They showed me different fabrics and let me pick which ones I liked best. When everything was ready, the sewed the quilt together. You can't see it, but the back of the quilt is midnight blue with stars- just like the night sky.

Inky's New Quilt!

Today there was a big, soft package in the mail for me. I never imagined that Melody and Lizzy would finish so quickly, so I was stunned when I ripped open the package and found this awesome quilt! I put it on my bed right away. Isn't it fabulous? It is the perfect #1 excellent fabulous wonderful quilt of quilts! It has Sputnik! It has Vostok! It even has the British Isles! Wow!

Inky's New Quilt!

I love my new quilt so, so much. Melody and Lizzy are wonderful new friends. I can't believe they actually made my quilt- and that it turned out even better than I had imagined it would. Aren't they amazing quilters? Thank you so much Melody and Lizzy! You rock!

Have you ever gotten a special present that was made just for you?


  1. That is a way kewl quilt .. I am so excited for you .. how special it is .. it looks beautiful.

    You are so lucky .. it is neat to have special friends like that. KEWL!!

    Ta Ta,

  2. Wow! That is a really special present! I don't think I've ever gotten such a nice gift that was made just for me. I'd have to think about that.

  3. You guys- I think Lord Voldemort just commented on my blog!!


  4. It's lovely! I really like the colors they used. But what about your other quilt? From Ms. Shannon? Didn't you just get that one?

    As for me, I've gotten so many wonderful things from friends I've visited. The Valdez quintuplets, some of my best friends, really spoiled me when I visited them a few months ago - they surprised me with a really pretty Eiffel Tower charm necklace, a lovely sweater, and Laura says I might even have something else from them back at home. She won't tell me what it is, though.

    But the difficult part for me is thinking of equally awesome gifts in exchange for your friends' generosity! I mean, I want my gifts to be as special as the gifts I've been given, but I don't know how good I am at thinking up gift ideas. :(


  5. Wow! They did a great job, and it looks just like your picture!

  6. It's beautiful! We are going to be learning about the Space Race soon. I'm so excited, especially since my class will take a night field trip to an observatory as a science/history collabo!

    The detail is really cool, especially the British Isles. It looks so cute and warm on your bed! Melody and Lizzy are amazing quilters.


  7. Ooh! Melody and Lizzy did an amazing job. That quilt is wonderful. It reminds me of you alright. :) I'm afraid I've never really introduced myself, Inky! My name's Mia and I've heard a lot of stuff about you. Goodness, that must sound wierd! Hehe...I saw you in your friend Violet's albums. I enjoy your blog very much!

  8. I think Lord Voldemort posted too! And he seems to like Liberty Jane... I get present handmade for me all the time! Socks, sweaters, ponchos, I got two wall quilts one year. Now, I have a problem with your new blog. When I read Super Inky it squishes together into slinky!

  9. Oh, how lovely. I agree - homemade pressies are the best. I just made a quilt set (mattress cover, pillow, reversible quilt) for DD's Lanie. I made a box quilt using the colours in my daughter's PB quilt only in smaller scaled fabrics. It was fun and she loves it. :)

    Cdn AG Lover

  10. Wow, that quilt is seriously amazing! They did a great job on it!

    I haven't really gotten anything handmade, although the human makes my roomies stuff all the time. I just haven't been home enough lately.

  11. That quilt is cool!

    I've gotten a lot of things on my travels, like a custom AG shirt, jewelry and outfits!

    Gabby says she got a mix and match outfit set from Bean (well it was to Melissa but for Gabby). Gabby was new then and needed some awesome clothes. Her sweatshirt even says Star Valley on it :)

  12. Melody and Lizzy did an AMAZING job! Hope you share some of the tshirts you make for them

    )Sparrow( *Your former LJ friend who is also a #4*

  13. That quilt looks so neat on the bed with the Ugly dolls! =)

  14. I really love that quilt! May I steal it? Hehe.


  15. Adorable! Homemade gifts are great. Our current craft project is doll sized espadrilles! :)


    PS. We read your blog back at LiveJournal but never really commented. You're too awesome not to comment on though! xP

  16. I got my prize a while ago and even took pictures. I might be able to upload them today on picasa.
    thanks bye

  17. Here they are!

  18. Go Melody! Go Lizzy! Make more quilts! LOL, I'm crazy.

    -Natalie, a MAG #40