An Afternoon in Seneca Falls


On my trip to upstate New York, I also had the chance to visit a very important National Historical Park- Women's Rights! I had been hoping to visit this park for years, but it's a long drive from New York City so my family didn't go until this trip. Are you ready to learn about the park? Women's Rights National Historical Park commemorates the 1848 Women's Rights Convention in Seneca Falls. The convention was organized by five women- Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Martha Wright, Mary Ann M'Clintock, and Jane Hunt.


Here I am with some of the statues from Lloyd Lillie's The First Wave. It shows the organizers of the Women's Rights Convention and some of the people who attended it. I really liked wandering around the statues and looking at the different people.


Can you tell who the man in the middle of the group of statues is? That's Frederick Douglass! He was a very important Black orator and statesman. He was present at the Women's Rights Convention and signed the document that was created during it- The Declaration of Sentiments. One of the organizers of the convention, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, was the primary author of the Declaration of Sentiments.


Here I am with a really cool podium. It was in the Wesleyan Chapel. In fact, it may be the very podium used at the Women's Rights Convention of 1848! Historians aren't sure, so I decided to pose with it just in case. Even if it wasn't present at the convention, it's still old and awesome!


The Visitor Center at Women's Rights National Historical Park has tons of exhibits and artifacts. I really like this banner. It's hard to read because the focus in the photo is on me, but it says "Women Vote in Our Native Lands."  One of my favorite exhibits in the museum portion of the Visitor Center lets visitors imagine themselves in different professions.  Park ranger was on there! So was President of the United States.


After I had explored the museum and filled out my Junior Ranger booklet, it was time to receive my Junior Ranger badge from Ranger Brock! Ranger Brock was very nice. In addition to giving me my official badge, he also showed me where to stamp my parks passport and sold me some souvenirs. If you ever go to Women's Rights NHP, make sure to say hello to Ranger Brock!


After I earned my badge, I went outside to explore the area near the Visitor Center.  The Wesleyan Chapel is where the convention took place.  It was closed by the time I had finished my Junior Ranger booklet, but I enjoyed seeing the outside! I was proud to pose with my badge next to it!


The park next to the Visitor Center has a beautiful wall with the words of the Declaration of Sentiments carved into it, with a waterfall coming over the wall. So cool! If you would like to read the text of the document, check out this link.


Before my parents and I left the park, I posed for a photo in front of the reconstructed Wesleyan Chapel. Can you see where the original walls are? They are a different color than the rest of the walls.  I loved visiting the park. I hope to come back someday soon to visit the homes of the different organizers of the convention!


We spent the night in Ithaca and on the way there, my family stopped at Taughannock Falls. The waterfall is amazing! You can walk all the way down from the top of the gorge to the bottom where the water flows into Cayuga Lake.  I was impressed; it is so beautiful!


Upstate New York is beautiful. I loved seeing the waterfall, the historical park, and all the changing leaves. Have you ever traveled around different parts of your home state or province? Was it very different from where you live?

In this post I'm wearing: Junior Ranger vest custom-made for me by Ardently Admire; corduroy trousers by Liberty Jane Clothing, tee (with homemade decal) and boots by American Girl.