Rainy Rainy Raindrops

Inky in the Rain

Hi guys! It's been raining and raining and raining here in New York City! I'm actually excited about the rain, because I've been getting to wear my new green rainboots. Aren't they awesome? I love stomping in puddles. I like to pretend the gutters on my street are streams and that I'm a miner, panning for gold.

Inky in the Rain

Since it's been raining, I haven't been out to the playground for several days. I've been playing Playmobil all morning! Even though I don't play with it very often, I love my dollhouse Playmobil. Sadly, I have lost one of my favorite little characters. I asked Mama if she could find him again for me on eBay, but he is very, very expensive now. This is what he looks like:

I really wish I knew where he was. I know it's really silly, but I miss the little guy! Mama says that I have lots and lots of Playmobil and that I shouldn't be sad that I lost just one little boy.

Inky in the Rain

Have you ever lost a toy that you loved? What did you do?

P.S. Do you like my new hairbows? I got them at Target.


  1. It hardly ever rains here and I think it would be fun to stomp in puddles! Your hairbows are really cute!

    Sorry about your toy and hope he turns up, which seems to happen when you least expect it, so fingers and toes crossed for you.


  2. Sorry about your little man .. we will watch for one around here while we are at thrift stores and yard sales .. who knows we might find him for you .. I know what it is like to lose something you love.

    I love your hair bows and the color looks so good with your hair ..

    It has been raining non stop here and the forcast last night was for another 10 days of rain .. we even had a thunder storm last night and it does not usually do that in the spring.

    Ta Ta,

  3. hey girly,

    I am so sorry about you losing your little guy....I am sure you will find him!

    I love playmobil and play it all the time with my sisters!

    Lanie and Claire my new sister!!

  4. Hi Inky,
    Cute outfit! You look awesome. We've been having lots of rain here, bringing on many sniffles. Eurgh. But it looks pretty as it hits the puddles at the side of the road...
    I thought I had lost Kit once, my mini doll. I was so relieved when I found her! Maybe your little guy will turn up again?
    P.S. Guess what? In Photography Club, Libby edited a picture to look like the one and only Inky on the moon!

  5. You look wonderful, Inky! Your new boots are fabulous, I love the color. The last picture is stunning.
    I actually really like the rain, unlike some people. Not exactly a toy, but I lost one of my favorite books. Soon enough, it turned up, though. I have a tendency to misplace things, but they'll show themselves eventually. I hope you're able to find your Playmobil toy.

  6. I love your rain gear and hairbows! Very posh. =)

    And I know how you feel about your toys. I always miss anything I lose, even if I have lots of other good stuff to play with.

  7. I love your raincoat and boots, Inky! You look lovely. :)
    I lost one of mini Breyer horses once but I eventually found him under my bed... Things sometimes get lost but they have a tendency to turn up, as well. I hope your able to find your Playmobil boy!
    I do like your hair bows, the color matches your rain gear perfectly! :)


  8. i love the last picture of you and your hair bows are adorable!

  9. Hi Inky,
    I love your hairbows! They match perfectly with your new raincoat. Maybe your little guy will turn up! We find all sorts of stuff in the couch or under a stack of something that hasn't been moved around in awhile. I once lost my stuffed animal deep in the covers of my bed. I found it when it was time to do laundry!

  10. Aww, I hope he'll show up soon!
    You look beautiful, and very a la mode, in your coat, boots, and hairbows! The last picture is my favourite but both are lovely. Rainy-day photography is the best!

  11. Hello!

    Maybe is so late to write that i´ve seen that single Playmobil boy selling at Mercadolibre.com it price is about 13 dollars

    they ship from Mexico, but well...

    Funny your blog site XD
    See ya!