Welcome Spring!

Marina, Princess of Queens

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? It was sunny and warm in New York- the perfect beginning to spring! After my ballet class on Saturday morning, I showered and got dressed to play outside! Living in New York City, I don't have a yard. There are parks near my house, but one of the best places to play as a city kid is the stoop!

New Playmobil Mermaids

What's a stoop? It's your porch! New York City used to be called New Amsterdam, because it was founded by the Dutch. Stoop comes from the old Dutch word for porch. Since there isn't a lot of space to play in my family's apartment, I like to bring my toys outdoors. I got these new Playmobil mermaids when my mom went to Europe last summer. What's the Dutch word for mermaid? It's meermin!

Playing on the stoop

Last year, my mom went to Germany for work and I stayed home with my mama. Since I had to stay behind, my mom got me some really cool treats. The mermaids didn't come out in the United States until this year, but my mom got them for me early since they were out already in Germany. This year, there are new Mongolian warriors on the German Playmobil site. What if they make a Genghis Khan theme? That would be awesome!

Inky in a bush!

Anyway, after I played with my new mermaids, I climbed into a bush next to our building and watched everyone walking by. When I was sick, Sophie Amélie suggested I read Harriet the Spy. I checked it out from the library and I've been reading it on the subway to and from ballet class. Anyway, Harriet gave me the idea to spy on my neighbors! It was really fun, until something happened that made me a little upset.

Would you guys want to hear about what happened, or should I keep my blog about only fun kid stuff?


  1. Looks like you had a fun weekend, Inky. Your Playmobil mermaids are too cute! We love your Cheburashka shirt.

  2. I want to hear what happened! unless you know it's like your neighbor like had a hot tub and well... mooned you.or something nasty. Bye! Jenna

  3. Inky- I want to know too! Harriet the Spy was one of my favorites when I was your age. I hope what happened wasn't truly awful.... Tupper

  4. We are all wondering now too .. as long as it is not tooooo bad .. we love Harriet the Spy ..

    Ta Ta,

  5. I have to admit I am curious and scared at the same time! Since I don't live in a big city, my imagination is going crazy with ideas. Maybe you better tell us so I'll stop thinking about it!
    We have a great big front porch with a few steps that go down to the walkway. Maybe I'll play out there and pretend it's a stoop!

  6. Oh Inky! You are so so so lucky to have the Playmobil Mermaids! I want that set too! Do you have any of the bunny sets? They are my FAVORITE for Easter.


  7. You are so lucky! LOL We're shivering down here, can I come up there? LOL

    Hoping for warmer weather,
    Haley :)

  8. It was warm over the weekend for us, but today is wet and rainy and cold. Those mermaid toys are cute; and so is your shirt! I have yet to see Cheburashka but he looks so adorable!

    I hope what happened wasn't too horrible. I think it would be fun to be a spy, though.

    Also, I've never tried my hair like yours but I kinda want to. Do you think I'd look good with that style? My favorite way is two half-piggies.

  9. One of my bear friends lives with a Cheburashka. He says that he is very nice.

    My sister likes your playmobil mermaids. She wonders if they float in the bathtub?

  10. I like your mermaids! They look really cool and fun to play with. =)

    Harriet the Spy is cool! I love the book and movie.

    And yeah, tell us what happened! I'm really curious now. =)

  11. I think we'd all like to know what happened....:)
    Your pictures are always so beautiful! Your shirt is way cool, Inky.
    One thing for sure, I used to spy on my neighbors and it was not the best idea. Be careful!

  12. I'd LOVE to know what happened. And since I'm not a cat curriosity won't kill me

  13. I love Harriet the Spy!!! And these pictures of you are awesome!

  14. Does this mean you're not sick anymore!?! If so, Yay!

    -Natalie, a MAG #40