United Nations Headquarters

Violence and I have been having so much fun! On Thursday, she and I went into Manhattan all by ourselves! We studied the subway and bus maps and figured out the best way to get to our destination. After riding the subway, bus, and taking a short walk, we arrived at... The United Nations Headquarters!


We had to put our backpacks through a scanner and walk through one of those airport security things. Violence and I felt so important! We pretended we were representing our countries and going to solve problems of international import.

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This picture is really dark, but it shows what is just inside the visitors' entrance- Sputnik! I was thrilled that the first thing visitors see is the triumph of the Soviet Union. Hurrah! After that, we looked at exhibits of children's artwork. There was one about the Olympics, one about kids' views of the world, and one about the environment. One of the guides had a table where kids were coloring their own pictures, so we did that too.


This is a picture of us with Kofi Annan. Isn't it annoying when you ask grown-ups to take photos? They obviously didn't ask us to look at the camera. There was a wall with portraits of all the Secretaries General of the UN. I'm pretty sure that in a few more decades, Violence is going to be up there too.


Here we are in front of the UN flag! We had so much fun visiting the headquarters. If you ever visit New York, you should go! It's free, unless you want a guided tour.

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