More Cape Cod Weekend

Camping in Wellfleet

Sunday was our last day on Cape Cod. I was so tired from my busy Saturday that I slept in! I was frustrated that I missed out on another hour of Cape Cod fun. Stinkbugs! I told Ice Bat not to let me sleep late anymore, unless I'm at home and have to do chores.


We rode bikes to the beach again- and the weather was great! It was high tide, so I had to stay out of the water until the waves receded just a little bit. I didn't want to get sucked in the undertow.

Testing Pirate Myth

Instead of swimming, I decided to try testing out a myth from one of my favorite episodes of Mythbusters. In the myth, mean pirates bury you up to your neck in the sand and leave you to drown as the tide comes in! I got too scared to go above my knees; now I know why Adam and Jamie tell you not to try anything they do.

Boogie Boarding!

After that, I finally got to try out my boogie board! It was awesome! I felt like a dolphin riding on the waves. I pretended I was a shark chasing the other swimmers. Chomp!

Building a Fort

Then I decided to build a fort. I wanted to see if I could stop the tide from touching my stuff. It was a huge fort. It took me so long to build, because I didn't have any tools at all. That made me decide to play Cave Inky. I pretended I lived so long ago that humans didn't have any tools yet.

Making a Sand Castle

When I was done being Cave Inky, I built a sand tower. Then I smushed it! Awesome!

Coast Guard Beach- Sunny and Hot!

After that, it was time to go home. I really wanted to stay and live on the beach! We rode the bikes down the hill and went super fast! Then it was time for the long, long, long drive home to New York. There were so many cars who also wanted to go home!

And that was my weekend. It was awesome! I can't wait to take Violet!


  1. We saw that mythbusters show with the sand. those guys are crazy!

  2. I love mythbusters!!! Where did you. Get your tent?��

    1. I love Mythbusters too! The cat tent is from Ikea.

  3. hey,Inky! my favorite episode of Mythbusters is the sand one , we don't have any real beaches where I live ,so I could try it. :( Just wondering ,how long ago did you get your tent , because I checked the Ikea website and it said that they don't have it . Do you know where I could get one similiar??
    ~hugs! Delilah <3

    1. Hi Delilah!

      I got my tent in 2006, so it's probably long gone, unfortunately. You might try finding it on ebay though!