Cape Cod Nat'l Seashore- the Sequel

I have been having so much fun since Violence came last week! Tyotya Jess and Dyadya Ethan are letting her stay for three whole weeks because they're very busy with some important project. I think they're probably opening a zoo. That would be pretty cool!

The day after Violence arrived, we went to Cape Cod, MA for five days. We had so much fun! Violence and I took lots of pictures. You can check out the album here. The first day, it rained so hard! Violence and I stayed in our tent and pretended we were stowaways in the hold of a ship. We also played Scrabble- one of our favorite games. We played so much that in the end, we were putting down all kinds of silly, imaginary words!


On Saturday, the rain cleared up and we went to Corn Hill Beach in Truro. I had my kayaking lesson! I had so much fun. I've always wanted to learn to kayak, because my ancestors were some of the people who developed it. I practiced doing and Eskimo Roll and turning.


Back on the beach, Violence had found a hermit crab. It was so little and cute! Violet let me hold it and it peeked out of its shell and waved at me.


The next day, we visited Cape Cod Light, a lighthouse on a cliff. We had so much fun walking right up to the edge of the cliff and looking way, way down to the beach below. The same day, we also went to a beach on Atlantic Ocean and boogie boarded, built a sandcastle, and caught a crab in my lobster trap!


Here's our sandfort! We stuck a Kazakh flag on top. I taught Violence a song. It goes "Kazakhstan greatest country in the world! All the other countries are run by little girls!"


That's me with my lobster trap. This was my third trip to Cape Cod, but it was definitely my favorite. It's so much fun to explore and have adventures with your best friend. I'm so glad Violence came to visit!


  1. I'd love to visit Cape Cod one day, Inky! I've read a series of books set there and it sounds so gorgeous. We love the beach, me and Becky and Libby. Here in England, Southwold and Cawsand are probably our favourite beaches.