A Guest Arrives


I was having this awesome dream that I was competing at the Beijing Olympics. I was doing the backstroke. Everyone was cheering "Go Inky! Go Inky!"; It was the best ever!

Then it started storming. The whole Water Cube was filling up with water! Oh no! Stinkbugs!


All of a sudden, I woke up- I guess I'm not an Olympian after all. Stinkbugs!


Holy hotdogs! There was a girl walking around IN MY ROOM!! While I was asleep! Yikes! I guess New York City isn't so safe after all.


"Privyet Inky! Hi Inky!" I heard a voice say. It was Violence! Awesome!


We gave each other a giant hug. We like to have contests to see who will let go first, but this time, we were so excited that we couldn't wait to start talking.


I showed Violence where she could put away her stuff. (By the way? Violence's stuff is ALWAYS purple. Isn't that weird?)


Then I gave her some loot- a Junior Ranger shirt and a YingYing shirt. I love my HuanHuan shirt and I wanted her to have an Olympic mascot shirt too.


Finally, we got to hang out and eat cupcakes. We're going to stay up really late to watch gymnastics on TV! I told Violence that I bet I can eat way more cupcakes than she can. Go Inky! Gold in Cupcake Eating!

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