One last day at Canyonlands!


On the morning of our last day at Canyonlands, it was pretty chilly! We kept our jackets on while we took our toys out to play in the space-like park.  Ice Bat was really excited to see Canyonlands!

Thirty One

Doesn't Ice Bat look happy?

Thirty two

Violet and I played that Cheburashka and Ice Bat had been sent to explore the planet Mars! The little holes in the rock were perfect little caves for our toys.

Thirty three

I had the best time playing with Violet and our toys. I know that day will always be one of my most special memories.

Thirty Four

Doesn't Cheburashka look a little hesitant to be exploring Mars? I think Ice Bat is comforting him.

Thirty Five

Soon, it was time to walk- or climb- back to the campsite so we could go turn in our Junior Ranger books!

Thirty Six

Violet and I sat in the sun to check our work on the Junior Ranger booklets.  I think we got it all right, but it would be up to the ranger to check our work!

Thirty Seven

The last step to becoming Junior Rangers was to go on another hike. This time, we chose the Cave Springs trail. We had to climb a ladder. Cool!

Thirty Eight

When you hike on rock it is sometimes hard to see the trail, so these stacks of rocks, called cairns, mark the trail.

Thirty Nine

If you were to get lost, it is hard to find the trail again because everything looks the same!

Forty (Canyonlands National Park)

After the hike it was time to go back to the visitors center and become Junior Rangers! We had to take an oath, tell about our favorite parts of the park, and show our completed activity book.

Forty Two

We had passed the test with flying colors! Violet and I each received our own Junior Ranger badges. Hurrah! Sadly, that meant it was time to head back from the park.  It was a fantastic visit! I hope I get to come back someday!

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