More excitement in Utah!

Fifty Four

Violet and I have been so busy, we've been to the Salt Lake City doll show, out to tea, we played in the woods, and I'm even teaching her all the naughty words I know in Russian. Tyotya Jess thinks I'm only teaching Violetka new verbs, but sometimes I tell her a bad word, and when she learns it we laugh and laugh.

Sixty Five

The weather is crazy here, worse than NYC or Ukraine! One day it is snowing all over my head and freezing cold, and the next day it is clear and warm.

Fifty Eight

Violet has been wanting to show me around downtown Salt Lake City so she can get her next badge in girl scouts. Anyway, Violet needed to get her "Tour Guide" badge, and finally it was nice weather, so we went to Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City. All the flowers were in bloom and there were brides galore! Every few minutes I saw another one, until finally Violence started counting, she said there were 16! Holy Hot dogs that is a lot of brides.

Sixty Two

Then we saw the temple itself! It was so big and tall! I was surprised. Violet and I couldn't go inside because we are not members of the LDS Church.  I wonder what it looks like inside!


The very next day it was time for me to go home to New York. Violet gave me a big hug. It is so hard to be best friends who live on opposite sides of the country! We chat on the phone a lot, but we don't see each other very often. I wish I knew when I would see Violet again!


Goodbye Utah! I hope I see you again soon!!

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  1. One day I'll get to go inside. I'm a mormon. It's really beautiful in there. I am not old enough to have a temple pass yet, but I went inside for the sealing of my adopted little sister, and a couple openhouses at different temples.