Hiking in Canyonlands


After we checked in at the Visitor's Center, stamped our National Park passports, and picked up our Junior Ranger booklets, it was time to get going! We decided to hike. Hurrah!


Does Canyonlands look a bit like Mars? The water features are ephemeral pools, or potholes. You have to be very careful not to disturb them because all kinds of little creatures live in them! The ephemeral pools form tiny little ecosystems. Cool!


Our hike was great. Violet and I both wore our special Junior Ranger outfits of hiking sandals, cargo pants, and t-shirts! I even carried our water and snacks in my backpack.  We worked hard to follow the motto "Take only pictures, leave only footprints!"


Canyonlands is so beautiful! The colors are so bright and wonderful.  It was such a difference from New York City! Even better, I got to experience it with Violetka, my best friend in the whole world!

Twenty One

Violetka took this photo of me in front of the red red rocks.  So far, Canyonlands is the most beautiful place I have ever been!

Twenty two

Violetka and I sat down to rest a lot. We ate string cheese and granola bars.  Violet and I agreed that hiking in Canyonlands is the best way ever to spend an April day!

Twenty Three

As we hiked back to our campsite (that's right, we camped!), we found some cactus! Wow!! The funny thing is, we have cactus back in New York City at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.  My grandma and Mama are from New Mexico, so I have seen cactus there as well.  Still, it was fun to see cactus in Canyonlands!

Twenty Four

We hiked and hiked! We had to scramble up the rocks in some parts! It was totally fun.

Have you ever been on a long hike in a new place? What was it like?

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  1. My family goes to Canyonlands, too! We might go this spring, but now we have a dog and it might not work to bring her. :(