Yuri's Night!

Twenty Five

At the campsite, we settled in for one of DyaDya Ethan's famous dutch oven dinners. Yum!  We had hot dogs and water too.  Food cooked on a campfire always tastes extra delicious.

Twenty Six

The sunlight was so golden that I had to take a pretty picture of Violet. We had put on warm jackets because it gets chilly at night!

Twenty Seven

We took a little walk around the campground.  Everything looked so beautiful in the golden light.  Don't we look tiny in the wild landscape? As the sun set, we headed back to the campsite.

Twenty Eight

It was time for s'mores! We roasted marshmallows and smushed them into little sandwiches with chocolate on graham crackers. Yum!!

Twenty Nine

It was a great celebration for Yuri's Night! Yuri's Night is a special holiday that celebrates Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space. He was Russian, like me! We ate so many s'mores that we felt a little bit gross.  Finally, we grabbed our lovies (Ice Bat for me, Cheburashka for Violetka) and climbed into our sleeping bags.

Good night Canyonlands! Happy Yuri's Night!

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