I'm in Utah!

Did you know Tyotya Jess and Dyadya Ethan have been helping Mama plan a trip for me to visit them in Utah? And that means I get to visit my friend Violetka too! Mama said I had a surprise coming, but I had no idea it was a trip across the country.

I haven't really ever traveled alone before, but I wasn't scared, Violetka told me all about it when she visited me last year. When I finally got to Utah Violet was so happy to see me, she just kept hugging me and hugging me.

And guess what else? We are going to go camping this weekend, it is a good thing I brought my sleeping bag. Violet says Southern Utah is the prettiest place in the world. I told her the most awesome was Ukraine, but she just smiled, and said that is because I haven't seen Southern Utah yet.

Here I am on Dyadya Ethan and Tyotya Jess's doorstep-


There are more adventures to come! Stay tuned!

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