Things I need to teach Yeva

Tomorrow, we're going on a little day trip. I want to bring Yeva with, but I don't know if she's ready to see capitalism yet. It's so... bright. Yeva will probably be shocked by all the signs advertising things. Plus, there are no slogans anywhere. Well, there are slogans, but they are all telling you to buy things, not telling you to honor the motherland and Lenin.

Here's one thing I had to learn: when you want juice in America, you put money in a vending machine and it comes out in a can. Then, you can carry your can around with you! Back at home, if you want juice, you can go to a vending machine also. Only there is a glass there. The juice squirts into the glass and you drink it. Then, you wipe out the glass and put it back.

Iris says that the Soviet way is not very sanitary. I said that the American way is very wasteful. Jess says "just carry a water bottle."

What do you think?


  1. Just carry a water bottle! Definitely!

  2. Just wait until she finds out about Amp and Monster! :D