Inky & Ева

Inky & Ева, originally uploaded by Colette Denali.

Вот Я и Евка! Tonight I showed her some of the pictures from Violence's visit. I told Yeva how Violet learned tons of Russian in less than a month, because I wanted her to learn English. I'm not really sure how long it took me to speak English, but I hope for Yeva it will be fast.

I also hope it will be slow, because she started talking about Khruschev. What? Iris and I once say this really sad movie called Goodbye Lenin. It's about a mother who is in a coma when East Germany and West Germany got smooshed back together. Her son tries to keep her from finding out about capitalism.

I just don't want Yeva to be sad when she finds out that our country never did make it to communism.

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  1. I saw the movie "Goodbye, Lenin"! It was really sad, I almost cried at the end!