A package from Bean!


After Iris and Yeva were asleep, I decided to sneak back out into the living room to play Wii. Marisol's beaten me at baseball for 2 weeks in a row, so I needed practice.


Jess was on the sofa! Dressed like... I don't even know what, but it wasn't good.


"Dude, Jess. Why are you dressed like a poofball?"

"Ugh. You don't want to know. Colette made me put this on so Fin could see how Myfanwy would look in this dress, because we look alike."

"I would never do that. You should have kicked her."

"I didn't, because Santa's watching me, duh. But anyway, you got a package!"


Holy hotdogs! It's a package- from Grandpa Bean!!


"Open it up!! Who's it from Inky?"


"Who's that?"

"She lives in the sky and drinks mint juleps all day, duh."

"Right, Inky. Open the box!"


"Oooh! Oooh! Jess, it's a doll! With a dog!"

"Inky! You're so lucky! That's a Cabbage Patch Kid!"


"Cool, she's wearing blue! Like Ded Moroz! Jess, if you give me 20 bucks, I'll let you hold her."

"Pass! I'll just sneak her out of your bed later. Ooh, ooh! Her name's Mallory Eva! Isn't Yeva's name Eva in American?"

"Yup. And yours is Poopface!"


"Thanks Bean!"

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