Day Five!


So, I was playing pirates tonight and I started thinking.
"Iris? Do you think Mieke's ever coming back?"


"Mieke? She told us she wasn't sure how long she was going to be gone. When was the last time she wrote? Didn't she say she was in Arizona?"


"Yeah, she did. But she hasn't written since. Plus, we've moved since she left. Do you think she remembers us?"


"Mieke's lived all over the place; she gets restless if she's home for too long. But of course she remembers us. She left after Violet did- and Violet writes to you all the time. She even sent you that map, remember? And you sent Uncle Ethan that crocodile thing?"


"Well, Violence has a laptop, duh. She can read my blog. And that was Krokodil Gena, not a 'crocodile thing.' I'm fine with Mieke traveling, but why is there another bed in here if it's not hers? All the other dolls chill up on the shelf thing."


"Right. Anyway! Did you forget what Wednesday is? I thought you'd be all excited and getting ready for it. Even *I* remembered."


"You mean the 90th anniversary of the October Revolution? I'm hoping we'll get fireworks, a giant bonfire, a gorilla, some pandas, a huge balloon shaped like Lenin, lots of ice cream bars, and a dragon that lets us fly on his back. The front hall closet has been locked for weeks, so I think Colette's keeping the surprises in there."

"Um. I hope you get your wish? I was thinking we'd just have some special treats and maybe watch one of your weird Russian movies. Plus, uh, I really don't think there's anything in that closet."


Okay, personally, Iris is nuts. Colette and Jen can get anything. That bed's probably for the gorilla and the pandas. Plus, the closet's probably locked so that they can't get out and scare Safran and MIlosz. Iris is so weird. I think she's just jealous that all she gets is that stupid 4th of July when I have The! Awesomest! October! Revolution!"

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