Holy Hotdogs- it's Yeva!


As I said yesterday, there weren't any gorillas or pandas for the October Revolution, but I did have a little party. Iris and I decorated with red tinsel and Marisol and Jess came over after my weekly Wii workout with Marisol.


"Союз! That's 20 more points for me! I'm killing you guys!"


"Inky, you're only winning because you're making us play Russian Scrabble AGAIN. I have to pass every turn, because I don't even know what the letters say!"


"Well, I don't mind really, as long as I get to hold Mulder. He's so cute! I wish I could have a little dog in a bag like Iris. I'd buy her little outfits and collars and stuff. Where is Iris anyway? "


"Marisol, that's almost as dumb as how Inky makes us wear slippers when we come over. Iris said she'd be here after she finished practicing her violin in the living room. "

"Move your giant head out of the way Jess! Iris is over there- and she's got someone with her!"


"Hey guys! Guess what! We've got a new roomie!"


"Hi! I'm Jess! I don't usually wear slippers to parties!"

"Jess, the new girl doesn't speak English. She's from the Soviet Union, like Inky."


"What!! Another Inky? This is going to be so fun. Only... not at all. Let's just hope she can play Russian Scrabble so that we don't have to."


"Privyet.' I'm Marinka, but they all call me Inky because it's more American, I think. I lived in Khabarovsk before I came here. What's your name?"

"It's Yeva. I'm from Tyuratam."


"That's so cool that you're from Tyuratam! Did you get to see it when Mir was launched?"


"They launched the whole world? Definitely not, but I got to meet Valentina Tereshkova right after Vostok 6 last summer! Oooh, are you a Pioneer? I'm still a Little Octobrist. You're so lucky!"


"Wait... Vostok 6, last year?? You're from 1964!! Holy hot dogs! You're lucky I'm a Pioneer, you're definitely going to need someone to teach you about the world. It's 2007!"

Yeah, so we've got a new girl. Seriously, can you believe she got to meet Valentina Tereshkova? I'm going to need to be really strong for her, poor Little Octobrist. She's lucky she has a Young Pioneer like me, to teach her all about life in the 21st Century.

Uh-oh. I bet she doesn't know what happened to the Soviet Union yet...


  1. Yeva is really cute, but 1964? Yikes! She doesn't know about the internet or cell phones or Wii or anything!

  2. Oh Yeva. PS: Is Yeva Ivy?

  3. I think it's a good idea to have slippers for all of your guests to wear. If I was your guest and you made me wear slippers I wouldn't complain at all.