Birthday Party!


Today was my birthday party! I woke up early because I was so excited and found a huge Ice Bat balloon in my room. Whoa! When it was time for the party to start, I scampered down the stairs to stand in our courtyard with my balloon. I was worried my friend Ksenia wouldn't be able to find our building. (Addresses in Queens work in a kind of unique system that shows each building's cross street.)

Finally, all of my friends arrived. Nell and Sonali live in the neighborhood, so they made it first. Then, Coral came from Brooklyn. Finally, Ksenia arrived after her two hour subway ride from Brighton Beach! (I decided to take your advice and invite Coral and Ksenia, even though they don't know Nell and Sonali.)


Soon we were gathered around my cake, with my friends singing the birthday song. I couldn't decide between cake and cupcakes, so I had both! Plus, my Mom found these great birthday candles that say my name. Awesome!


Then it was time to open my big pile of presents. Not only did my guests bring gifts, but my friend Maiki sent a package, and my parents saved their gifts for the party.


Coral gave me a pair of Sansha ballet soft shoes with criss-cross straps- just as I'd wanted!


Ksenia gave me a set of colored pencils, a sketchbook, and a Chococat calendar. Nice!


Another awesome present was from my friend Maiki- she stood in line at a book signing and got both Meet Cécile and Meet Marie-Grace signed for me by their authors! Holy Hotdogs, thank you Mike!


All of my gifts were wonderful, but I'd have to say my favorites were the soft ballet shoes and the Calico Critters red panda family! Piper has the hedgehog family and I've really wanted a red panda family of my own. They were only on sale for a few months in the UK and Japan, but my Auntie Liz in London managed to get a set for me!

It was a great birthday party. Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes! Now I'm 11!


  1. I love that photo of you with the huge Ice Bat balloon. It looks like you had a super birthday! Congrats on turning eleven. :)))

    ~ Kiki

  2. Wow Inky! I wish my birthday party would be as cool as yours! I feel inspired! My birthday is on May 16th!(Mother's Day!)
    I think the coolest gift you got(They're all cool, this one is just the neatest) is the Red Panda Calico Critters Set! My mom clicked on the link you gave to there website in a previous post and they are really neat!

  3. Holy hot dogs, Inky! Looks like a fun party!

  4. Hey, Inky! It's Chrissa!
    Your party looks like it was a blast! I'm glad your friends could make it. Everybody looks like they were having a good time. You received some nice presents, too. I love those ballet slippers- love them! I'd love to get a pair.
    For Christmas, all I want is custom-made point shoes, but I know my parents wouldn't go for those...

  5. It sounds so fun, Inky! The ballet slippers from Coral look so nice, and I'm so glad you invited her! My favourite gift of yours was sketch pad and the coloured pencils! So cute!
    Tell me, Inky, does Nell have a blog, too? By the way, your cupcakes and cake look SO good! I wish I could have some!
    Yours truley,

  6. Great pictures, Inky! It looks like a wonderful party! :-)

    Awesome decorations, and you got some great gifts.

    Happy birthday!


  7. Oh, Inky! It looks like your party was a success. I'm glad you invited Coral and Ksenia. Hopefully you, Sonali, Nell, Coral, and Ksenia will become good friends in no time!

    You got some fabulous presents! I particularly love the art set and the ballet slippers. You are making me want to dance again! I haven't wanted to dance in ages...what is going on here?!


  8. Happy Birthday, Inky! :) Wow, what a great party! I especially loved your Red Panda family. I'm a big fan of Calico Critters, and I didn't even know they had made a Red Panda family. :) I have the brown rabbit family, the Wildwoods. They're actually Sylvanian Families instead of Calico Critters...that's how old they are. :)

    Have a wonderful week!


  9. that looks like such an awesome party, glad to see that you got so much of what you wanted!

  10. Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes!

    What kind of pointe shoes do you want? I will probably start pointe next year if I move up to Girls IV. I'm really excited for my double strap shoes! I've wanted them for a long time.

    Laurel, Nell doesn't have a blog. I'll tell her you like her though!

    Sophie! You should try one ballet lesson to see if you like it. I often go to class and don't want anything more than to take a nap or watch TV- but it's all worth it at this time of year- Nutcracker season!

  11. Lovely picture Inky! It looks your party will grand success.... Really the pics are awesome. Cheers!

    Sign of Depressions

  12. Happy Belated Birthday, Inky!!!! I love these beautiful photos of your party!

    Where did you get the darling skirt you are wearing??? I totally want one for my dolls!
    Thank you,

  13. Hi Claire! Thank you for the compliments on my photos. :)

    The skirt I'm wearing is from an American Girl outfit called the "Sweet Melody Outfit." It's from 2009, but it's retired now. You can probably find it on eBay.

    I hope that helps!

  14. Happy Late Birthday Inky, we tried to comment for you the other day and our blogger would not comment at all on anyone's blog. So we are REALLY late now .. but it looks like a wonderful party, I love your balloon, how KEWL!!

    You got some awesome gifts, I love the red panda family, that will be fun to spend time with, they are so cute. I also see you got a couple more ugly dolls too, now you will have several of them.

    Your outfit was cute too. Hope you have a wonderful year.


  15. Cute story! :) Congrats on being a Doll Diaries Spotlight Site! :) I'm now a follower!

  16. Looks the the most fun birthday party ever! You're so lucky Inky. Happy belated birthday to you♥

  17. Hallo wieder,
    I was just wondering how you have collected so much doll stuff. I admit I have only been collecting American Girl things for a little over a year, but it still amazes me.

    Auf Wiedersehen

  18. Hello Silverstreak,
    My parents have been collecting for over 10 years and every time they see something perfect for me, they buy it! It takes time to grow a collection. :)


  19. Love the ballet shoes! where did you get them? They're gorgeous!

    1. Hi Hilary,
      My ballet shoes are from American Girl, but they've been modified to have double straps.