Birthday Wishes

Birthday sneak peek

Here's a quick little sneak peek at my birthday outfit!

A few friends have e-mailed to ask about my birthday wishes, so I thought I'd do a little post about what's on my wishlist. Ready? Go!

  1. Croudy or Ninja Batty Shogun the Uglydolls. Available at this link. The clip-on size ($6) is perfect for me; I just clip off the loop and clip.
  2. Sansha ballet slippers with criss-cross straps. Coral has these and I would love a pair!
  3. A Calico Critters family like my friend Piper's (just not the hedgehogs because she has those already).
  4. Anything with Ice Bat the Ugly Doll on it. 
  5. A Chococat calendar for my room.
  6. Books!
  7. Anything homemade and special- those gifts are always the best.
Those are my little wishes for this year.  I'd like the same things for New Year, I think.  

Thank you all for your birthday RSVPs! I wish more of you lived in New York City and could visit for my party.   I'm inviting Sonali and some other kids from my neighborhood. I also thought I would invite my new friend Coral. Then there's a girl from my youth group for Russian-speaking kids that I'd like to invite.  Do you think I should invite Coral and the girl from youth group? I'm worried that they won't have fun because they won't know anyone else at the party.  What would you do?


    1. Inky,

      I wish I could come to your party! Happy birthday! It is also my best friend's birthday TODAY, and she's turning 11!!! Woo! I hope you get what you want for your birthday! i love Calico Critters, as well! They are so cute! I wish I could get yout hem for your birthday!


    2. I would totally invite them! They could make new friends! It would be super sweet of you and it would show them that you really are a great friend.

    3. Hi Inky, this is Summer. :-)

      Your birthday outfit looks great! I hope you get everything on your wish list.

      I would definitely invite Coral and the other girl. Parties are fun, and I'm sure they'd have a good time - maybe they could make some new friends too!

      If you're worried about that being awkward or overwhelming for them, what about introducing them to a couple of your other friends beforehand? That way they'd at least know a few people already, and wouldn't be meeting everyone for the first time at the party.


    4. Oh Inky, you are going to have a wonderful party, I love the outfit you plan to wear, it is one of my favorite colors.

      I would invite both of your friends, they might really like each other and you three could be great friends.

      Hope you get your birthday wishes, some of my sisters got ugly dolls for Christmas, I am hoping to get 'Secret Mission Ice-Bat' myself.


    5. Bonsoir, Inky! (Or ¡Buenas noches!- I'm in the mood to practice my Spanish tonight)
      I wish I could come to your party, but I'll attend virtually. :) I hope your birthday wishes come true, and I hope you have a great party.

      I would definitely invite Coral and the other girl to your party. I think it would be a fun way for them to meet new friends, too.


    6. Hey Inky,

      This post has made me think back to your wonderful UglyDoll party last year. How much fun was that?! I am so honored that you invited me, and I wish I could join you again. Oh well, I'll be with you in spirit. ;)

      I hope you invite Coral. She seems nice!

      Nice wish list! Ninja Batty Shogun is one of my favorites. I thought about getting him, but I decided to stick with Ice Bat. My friend Jess bought him, though - she's obsessed with ninjas! She also has Secret Mission Ice Bat. Yeah, she likes the color black a lot!


    7. P.S. Yes, you are correct! That is the pillow you gave me. I sure had fun decorating it. Thank you so much! :)

    8. I think you should definitely invite Coral and the girl from youth group. Your party is the perfect way for them to get to know people and have a good time. Plus, everyone is sure to be talking about your party afterwards, and this way they won't feel left out.

    9. Inky, I love your blue hair decorations!! They look so nice on you. I agree you should invite Coral and the other youth group girl to your party - I always think it is a little awkward when there is just one person who doesn't know anyone else, but if there are two, then they are not alone in being new and they won't be so nervous.