Birthday Morning!

Happy Birthday Morning Inky! 1

Today I woke up knowing it was a special day- my birthday!! The first thing I saw was a little stack of presents on my nightstand. There was one present from Sophie and two presents from my Grandma in Wisconsin! Ice Bat agreed that I should open them right away.'

Happy Birthday Morning Inky! 2

The first package was beautifully wrapped in brown kraft paper with a pretty pink bow. Sophie is a dear friend (she was at my birthday party last year) and she gave me lovely gifts. She made me an awesome card with Ice Bat wearing a birthday hat! She also gave me a copy of one of her favorite books, the Velveteen Rabbit. It's one of my favorite stories too- because I know Cheburashka and Ice Bat are very Real.

Happy Birthday Morning Inky! 3

Then it was on to the presents from Grandma! She knows how much I love space, so she decided to help me prepare for astronaut training with a package of real freeze dried astronaut ice cream! Holy Hotdogs! I ate some of it right away, but I saved most of it to share with my friends at my birthday party on Sunday.

Happy Birthday Morning Inky! 4

My last present was AWESOME! Grandma gave me Ninja Batty Shogun the Uglydoll!!! Awesome! Ice Bat will be thrilled- Batty is one of his best friends. Grandmas are the best.

My party is on Saturday, but I got to do some other fun stuff today. My moms took me to see Happy Feet 2 and we got Chinese takeout for dinner. I got General Tso's chicken, an egg roll, and a coconut bubble tea. Do you like to get takeout? What do you like to order?


  1. Happy birthday, Inky! :-)

    Congrats on your presents. They're very cool! We hope your party is lots of fun... sounds like you did some great stuff today, too.

    The Greens and The Roses

    P.S. Chinese takeout is our favourite takeout.

  2. Lucky girl! I'm sure your birthday party will be amazing and your guests will love the dried ice-cream ^.^
    what does a coconut bubble-tea taste like? I've only had a plain one, does it just have coconut flavoring?
    Hugs -Lanie

  3. Awesome Birthday gifts Inky! I'm glad you had such a wonderful day, and hope you're party on Saturday is a blast!

  4. Those birthday gifts are great! I hope your party on Saturday is amazing! I like takeout, too, Chinese, it's great! And happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it!

  5. Salut, Inky!
    Joyeux anniversaire! You received some nice presents. The astronaut ice cream sounds cool- does it taste like real ice cream? I want to try some now!
    Lilly dragged me along to see Happy Feet 2 with her. It was really good. We loved the baby elephant seals.
    I'm not much for takeout, but I do like Chinese food. I love most foods.

  6. Hey Inky,

    Joyeux Anniversaire! I wanted to post yesterday, but my stupid wireless was preventing me from getting online. Oh well! I'm glad to see you got your present. I felt so horrible about not having one for you last year that I was determined to make it up this year. When I saw that you had books on your wish list, I knew I had to send you The Velveteen Rabbit!

    I'm glad to see that you got Ninja Batty Shogun! My friends gave him to Traveling Hodel when she was here for a visit. I'll bet Hodel will be pleased to have an UglyDoll in common with you!

    I love Chinese takeout! I usually order an egg roll and/or chicken and broccoli with rice. Lo mein is good, too. Usually I order several things to share with friends and family. I love to eat straight from the white takeout boxes, and I have to use chopsticks!


  7. hi inky happy birthday! it sounds like it was awsome and all your presents sound really cool!

  8. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you! Sorry I am late, but it looks like you had a great birthday! I love The Velveteen Rabbit story, too.


  9. Great presents! Happy birthday! =) Astronaut ice cream is really cool. I got some once at a science museum. I'd like an Ugly Doll... they're so cute!

    Also, I love takeout. Chinese is really yummy... fried rice is the best!

  10. Love your birthday card! My present to you is in the mail. Hope it gets there soon!

  11. Happy birthday Inky!

  12. Hope you had a wonderful party .. we were at friends and did not really get on to read blogs to tell you Happy Birthday .. loved your gifts .. I hope I am getting my ugly dolls for Christmas that is the main thing on my list. LOL!!

    Oh, and we love your blog title ..

    Have a great party.

  13. Happy Late Birthday Inky!
    I just found your site on Doll Diaries!
    I absolutely adore the Red Panda Family, they are adorable, my cousin got them for me when she was in Scotland.
    And the Boots you are wearing look so cute where did you get them?

  14. Hi Vivy,
    Thanks for visiting my site! Which boots do you mean? If you mean the green and blue pair in my birthday post, they are from the 2010 Raincoat & Boots set made by American Girl. :)