Toys from my Stocking

Петрушка в шоколаде игрушка

Here are my toys from my chocolate eggs. Most mornings, I've found one in my stocking. They're all characters from the Three Bogatyrs trilogy! The guy in the armor with the spear on the left is Dobrina Nikitich. The one in the white with the sword is Alosha Popovitch. The last bogatyr is Ilya Muromets; he's the one with the big belt standing next to the princess.

Петрушка в шоколаде игрушка

That's Baba Yaga with the green dress and brown apron. Doesn't she have a big nose? She lives in the forest in a hut that walks on chicken legs!  Baba Yaga freaks me out.


  1. Good question! I haven't watched the movie in a few years, so I don't actually remember!