George Balanchine's The Nutcracker

Inky at Lincoln Center

Last night, I went to see The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center! It was so, so beautiful. I got to dress up in my prettiest outfit and my brand new coat and boots. I loved seeing the ballet! The Mouse King was awesome, with all of his creepy heads. Jen was scared of him, so I comforted her.

Seat M19!

It was so much fun to watch The Nutcracker! It's called Щелкунчик in Russian, but it's not as popular there as it is here. In fact, Yeva had never even heard of it!

Bryant Park Skating Pond

Before the ballet, I went to Bryant Park to watch the skaters. They were so beautiful! I wish that I could twirl and jump like that. I think I might save up for some ice skates. There was a Christmas market there; people had stalls selling fancy Christmas decorations. One lady was selling velour tracksuits in doll sizes! They did not look ladylike at all. I would certainly never wear Juicy Couture, ew!

I have to go to sleep now, but Iris says she thinks we should put up our stockings, just in case Sinterklaas comes for Mieke. He might not know she's out traveling. He usually comes on St. Niklaus Eve, but Iris says he's not allowed in the house unless there are grown-ups home, so maybe he'll come tonight.

Only 17 more days before our trip to Wisconsin!

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