Holiday Wishes

I saw that Violence posted her holiday wishes, so I thought I'd post mine. The main thing I really, really want is a laptop. I'm pretty sure Ded Moroz is bringing one for me, because I overheard Mama say she was glad that she'd only have to share her computer with me for another 2 weeks. And Ded Moroz is coming in exactly two weeks!

The other thing I'm hoping for, even though I didn't ask Ded Moroz, is a Ломо camera. They're special cameras from Leningrad that take really saturated and colorful photos. Mama got one from her old nanny, Olga Vassilievna, but she gave it to Sara! I really want one in my size, but I guess they don't make them that little. Don't tell Ded Moroz, but I am totally going to ask Tyotya Jess for one the next time I turn eleven. She found me an iPod that is just my size, so I know she can get anything. I told my Cheburashka to write a letter to Violence's Cheburashka telling him to write secret notes to leave all around Tyotya Jess and DyaDya Ethan's house so they don't know I am so greedy!


I really love taking pictures. I'm going to try to take some really good ones this year. Right now, I am going through some of the photos I took this year and using Photoshop to give them a fake Ломо effect. Doesn't Violence look so, so pretty in this one? It's when we rode the funicular in Kharkov this summer.

Thirty six

That was such a wonderful, wonderful day. We rode on tons of rides and then relaxed on the funicular- all the way to Alexeevka and back! Someday, I'm going to make Tyotya Jess and Mama take me and Violence all the way from Moscow to Khabarovsk on the Trans-Siberian railway so I can show Violence my hometown.

If you could go on a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?


  1. Well...seeing as I just got here from Japan, I don't really have a huge want to go back...but I'd like somewhere in Europe...maybe Ireland? -Kumi

    I want to go to Paris...and London...and NYC...and...anywhere where I could sneak into huge fashion shows! -Linda

    I'd love to go to Hollywood...or New York. -Rye

    I'm happy right here...but if I could, I'd go visit much history!! -Emilie

    I'd go to Montana. Lots of open fields to ride Jackson in the wild!! -Nicki