Our New Year Tree

Dolls' New Year Tree

Here is our New Year tree! Actually, only Yeva and I call it that. Marisol, Jess, and Iris think it's a Christmas tree. Hah! What do trees have to do with Santa?

Dolls' New Year Tree

Jess and I made tons of paper cranes to decorate the branches. I usually like to make paper snowflakes too, but the tree already looks really crowded. We also have little metal snowflakes and round, shiny balls.

Dolls' Presents

Look at all the presents under there already! The blue and green one right in the front is for me, from Colette! Some of them are from Ded Moroz (for Yeva) and some are from Santa (for Marisol, Jess, and Iris). There's one mysterious one...

To Inky, from Yura

This present with cookie paper is hiding way in the back, behind all the other presents. It says "To: Marina. From: Yura." What do you think it is? Who do you think it's from? I'm going to have to wait *ages* to find out.

I have a question. I'm going to Wisconsin on Monday, so I have to leave the New Year Tree and the presents behind! We won't be back until a few days after New Year. Mama says I have three choices:

a) All of us dolls open our presents early, before we go to Wisconsin.
b) I bring my presents to Wisconsin with me and open them on New Year. The other dolls can open theirs some other day.
c) I wait until we come home and all of us dolls open our presents then.

Which do you think is the best choice? And why?

I also sent presents out to some of my friends. Of course, someone, whose name rhymes with "wren," sent them by parcel post- on Saturday! I think my friends will have no choice but to celebrate New Year like me, and not Christmas! Violence sent me a package too. It's not here yet, but Mama says that even if it comes before we leave I have to wait until New Year to open it, unless Tyotya Jess and Violence say it's okay.

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  1. That is such a beautiful tree!! We have a Christmas tree, too, but ours is your basic red and green.

    I love the picture frame in the background! It looks so realistic!

    _Samantha (Amber Knight's sister)