Welcome to Kharkov!


Good morning! It's me, Inky! This morning I'm greeting you from sunny Kharkov.  I arrived here late last night after a long bus ride from Kiev.  Violet is still asleep. Let me try to wake her up!


"Wake up Violetka!"


Violet sat up in our big orange bed. "It's true!" she said. "We made it to Kharkov!" Violet has traveled all over the world, but it was her first time in Ukraine.


Outside on the balcony, I climbed down and greeted Violet. We were staying with my family in a part of Kharkov that is full of big apartment buildings. Our balcony looks out from the twelfth floor!


I encouraged Violet to climb up and look out over the edge of the balcony. It's an amazing view!


For as far as Violet could see, there were big apartment buildings. Wow! In between them were big, tall trees.


Down below, in the courtyard, Violet could see playgrounds and garages.  I know it doesn't look fancy like New York City, where I am moving this fall, but Kharkov will always be a very special city to me.  I'm glad I can share it with Violet!


Back inside, we sat on the big orange bed and chatted about the trip. We had arrived so late that neither of us really remembered reaching my family's apartment. It was an adventure coming to Ukraine! We would repeat it in reverse in a few weeks, but for now, we're in beautiful Kharkov! Hurrah!

Is there a city that is particularly special to your family? Where is it?

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