Freedom Square!


Good morning my friends! This morning, Violet and I woke up in the big, orange bed and started our day. We each had a plate of kasha with pickled peppers and a mug of Darjeeling tea. Then, we decided to make Freedom Square (or Площадь Свободы in Russian) our first stop.   Freedom Square is really, really big! One of the main features is this statue of Vladimir Lenin.  In this photo, I'm pretending to be him!


Here's Violetka with Lenin! Vladimir Lenin was a communist who helped to found and then lead the Soviet Union.


The Soviet Union fell in 1991, but the land, of course, is still here.  Ukraine was one of the Soviet Socialist Republics that made up the Soviet Union and today it is its own country.  


The plinth (base) of the statue is very, very big, especially when compared to two ten year-old girls. Like many kids, we love to climb on things, so climb on the Lenin statue's plinth we did!

Here's Violet with Freedom Square behind her. I took the photo while standing on the base of the Lenin statue. Isn't it huge? Wow!


Here we are again on the plinth! It really is huge, don't you think?


The summer sun was rising higher and higher in the sky. It was time for us to leave the square and start exploring the city! See you next time, Freedom Square!

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  1. This was incredible. I loved the ferris wheel and the views.