Super Corn! and Ice Bat

Finally! I got the unicorns!!! I am so excited. I put the American one away because it isn't very fun. I don't like how it has so many colors on its horn. But I kept this one! His name is Super Corn! Isn't he awesome? Ice Bat is riding him.

Ice Bat and Super Corn together are really cool. Super Corn can run on top of water and when they want to fly, Ice Bat flaps his wings and away they go. Later this afternoon, I will show them to Violet. Iris already asked if she can play with Super Corn and her ponies. Yeah right! No way! But Violet can play with the American unicorn if she wants to.

I wish I knew what the surprise is. Violet knows, but she won't tell! I think it is a trip, because there is a laundry basket in the living room full of weird things. Two gallon tubs of peanut butter, several bags of Jelly Belly beans, and a bunch of drawstring bags. I wonder what that means.

Okay! I have to go now. I hope that the next time I post, I can tell you the surprise!

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