Welcome Violet!

Violet and Inky
I have a visitor with me! Her name is Traveling Violetka. Oh wait, it's VioleT she says. She came to see me! Oh! And also my Mama says she will tell me and Violet about a surprise later, but that I should learn to use my camera really well. This picture Iris took because I wanted to be in it.

Iris and Jess
There's Iris! And Jess. You can tell I used the red eye reduction because they look shocked.

Traveling Violet and Iris's new necklaces
These are the necklaces that I made for Iris and Violetka! See, they are sign language letters for the start of their names. There was no purple one for Violetka so I picked red. Iris got a purple one. See! I used that red eye thing again. You can tell because their eyes look so big! Also the flash makes their teeth look very big.

Iris's toys
These are Iris's toys. You can tell because they are so pink and purple. Also you can tell because of her grocery bags. Iris likes to go to that store. She always goes to the olive bar. It is a big table with all kinds of stinky olives.

This is a picture I took of Violetka so she could show her mom that she got here safely. Okay. Later I will tell you about the surprise when I find out tomorrow! Bye!

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