Meeting Characters on the Disney Wonder!

A Day at Sea I

Brooke and I love cruising with Disney! One thing we love about Disney cruises is that you can meet different Disney characters throughout your journey. Some characters you have to sign up to meet, while others are just wandering around the ship, waiting to say hello! Usually they are in designated spots in the main atrium.

Brooke and I were delighted to meet Elsa and Anna from Arendelle! We both love Frozen.  We had come prepared with our Kristoff and Anna costumes.  Elsa and Anna were very impressed. To meet Elsa and Anna, you have to get (free) tickets ahead of time.  The crew set up a backdrop in Animator's Palate and you come in at your ticketed time.

A Day at Sea I

Brooke and I also met some of the classic characters at a character breakfast in Animator's Palate! It's our favorite restaurant on the ship (though we are a little obsessed with the beignets at Tiana's...).  It was fun to experience the restaurant with a different vibe.  Minnie was really happy to meet Brooke!

A Day at Sea I

I was happy to see Mickey Mouse! All of the characters are really nice and fun to interact with. I'm glad we met Elsa, Anna, Minnie, and Mickey- Disney's magic made the time aboard the Disney Wonder even more special!

Have you ever met a character?

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