Speeding by on my scooter!

Razor Scooter time!

Hello my friends! Now that I'm back from my trip to Europe, the summer is in full swing! It gets really hot in New York City in July and August, so I've been trying to stay cool.  One of my favorite places in my neighborhood is the public library.  You can read one of old blog entries about the library here if you want.  The library is great because the kids room has books, DVDs, computers, and air conditioning! It's several blocks away though, so I have found a great way to get there quickly!

Scooting around!

That's right! I ride my scooter! It goes pretty speedily down the sidewalks.  Since many families in NYC don't use cars, it's important to get places on foot.  However, I'm a kid- so I get pretty tired after a lot of walking. A scooter is a great solution! Plus? When I'm speeding down the sidewalks, the air feels nice and cool.

Razor Scooter time!

Summer is so fun! Sometimes it's too hot and I wish it were winter.  I remember then how much I miss the summer when it's freezing cold outside! Hmm. What do you think is worse, heat or cold? I don't like being sweaty and hot, but I really, really don't like having to put on tons of extra clothes in the winter! My least favorite part of summer is how hot it gets on the subway platforms.  The subway cars are air conditioned, which is nice, but the platforms get very, very warm.

Razor Scooter time!

Off I go! What's your favorite mode of transportation? Bicycle? Scooter? Airplane? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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