Meet My Friends: Ksenia

Ksenia Khazanova

Hi everyone! Today is really hot and muggy outside, so I'm stuck inside for a bit. Since I'm indoors this afternoon, I decided to do another post in my Meet My Friends series! You can click on a list of all my previous entries at this link.

Ready to get started? This is my friend Ksenia! Her nickname is Ksyusha and she lives in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.  Ksenia is from Almaty, Kazakhstan. She's of Russian and Kazakh descent.

Sochi Olympics 2014

Ksenia is really, really intelligent. She goes to a school with a special program for gifted kids who are bilingual in Russian and English! She loves to play Erudit, which is a Russian version of Scrabble, and is hoping to join her school's Scrabble team.  Living in a high-rise apartment in Brighton Beach means she lives right next to the ocean! She loves to walk on the boardwalk and get ice cream from the trucks that park by the ramps that lead up to the boardwalk.


Like me, Ksenia loves animals. Her favorites are deer and giant pandas. She's a fantastic friend! We both go to a youth group for kids who speak Russian and other Slavic languages; that's actually where we met.

Ksenia Khazanova

Ksenia is so nice.  We don't see each other as often as I'd like, because of school and other commitments, but I always enjoy hanging out with her.

Do you have any friends who go to a different school than you do?

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