Inky is pro EU

While I was in the United Kingdom, something very important was happening. The country had a referendum to decide whether or not they should stay in the European Union. I asked lots of questions about it and decided that I was on the remain side. I think the European Union is a great idea. Plus, our close family friends rely on the rules of the European Union to live in the UK.  I was very sad when the news came out that the UK had decided to leave the European Union (EU).  I decided to go with my mama and our friend to a protest of the referendum results, which is called Brexit. I carried my own European Union flag and brought my camera.  Even though I am not British, I thought it was important to participate to show my support for the European Union.

Inky is pro EU

Supporting the European Union and its goals does not mean that I am against the United Kingdom! I am very lucky that I have gotten to visit the UK twice plus one time that I went through the airport on the way home from Ukraine.  The people are really nice and it's got great history! However, I was really sad that so many people voted against staying in the European Union because they were scared of immigrants. Immigrants make countries stronger!

Inky is pro EU

Even though the referendum did not turn out that way my family and I would have liked, I am glad that I was in London to witness the days before, during, and after the election. I think it's very important to participate in your country's political system by voting! I am too young to vote, but I am very excited to vote someday.

Have you ever felt strongly about a political issue? Did you agree with your family?

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  1. Wow, Inky, that looks so neat. How cool that you got to do that and be a part of something so important! Our Big Person has done some protesting in her time too. She went to a few protests against a big cult when she was a little younger. She says she ran around in a mask of Guy Fawkes and chanted things! That was before any of us came to live with her though. I would have totally gone with her if I'd been here though! She'll probably do some work for the 2016 election too. Maybe she'll bring me along!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures!
    ♥ Elyse (and the rest of the AGGiK!)