A present from Katiusha!

A present from Katia

This afternoon I was hanging out on my bed with my birthday Uglydolls. In came my mama- she handed me a package that came for me in the mail! It was a big present from my friend Katia in Ohio! Katia and I are both adopted from Russia; we've been online friends for a while, but this summer we met in Ohio to go to the zoo. I wonder what she sent?

A present from Katia

It's a girl Ice Bat named Ice-Bella! Katia is so silly. She was teasing me about how all of my Uglydolls are boys; she turned Ice-Bella into a girl by giving her a bow!

A present from Katia

I introduced Ice-Bella to Batty Shogun right away. I think they might like-like each other! Thank you Katia, for the wonderful gift!

Inky's new bed

One of my big birthday presents from my moms was a new white daybed! I had been complaining about how my toys fall in the space between my bed and the wall. The delivery guys brought my new bed yesterday and set it up for me. Isn't it nice? Of course, now I want another one so my two beds match!

What does your bedroom look like? Do you share? Have bunkbeds? A desk? Tell me all about it!


  1. Privyet, Inky! I am so glad you like Ice-Bella! I like your new bed!

    There are 5 kids total at our house, and we each have our own room! I have a futon. I like that it can be a couch where I can sit and relax, but the bed isn't very comfy. My family is thinking about getting me a new bed next year. I really hope they do! My desk is attached to the back of my futon, and it has a built-in bookshelf too. I like that part, but I want a real bed sometimes! Especially for sleepovers. My guests have to sleep on the floor.

  2. Hey Inky,

    Aww, Ice-Bella is cute! How does Ice Bat like his new twin?

    I love your new daybed. It does seem to suit your toys better! As for my room, you've seen my latest blog post. I don't share it with anyone right now, which is a nice change from my room at home where I have to share with my twin sister. I suppose if (when?) she joins me here, I'll put in another bed. Everyone else here has to share with someone, though. I feel special having a room all to myself. Without an extra bed, I have room for a desk (although I'm told it really belongs to a girl named Kit), bookshelves, and a closet!


  3. My room is extremely small, i recently moved temporarly in with my parents parents,(Grandma Elle and Granpa Joseph) so all i have is a little aquarim thing and my cello. Also i have a girl named Rebecca's bed. I liked it so i asked my parents if they'd give me one! I also have a dance trunk,that i keep my ballet and jazz clothes in (and a few more clothes)

  4. Katia, I really like your furniture unit. I think it looks like something I would have if I lived on a space ship in Star Wars. You should ask your parents about getting a trundle- that way friends can sleep over. I have two beds, and they both have trundles- but I just use the trundles for storage.

    Sophie, Ice-Bella is so funny! She's really fat compared to Icy. I don't know how they'll get along. Ice-Bella has toes and she likes to fly around and grab things with her toes. She keeps stealing my pencils when I draw!

    Violette, an aquarium sounds really cool. What do you have inside of it? My mama is really afraid of fish so we don't have one. I like the idea of a trunk for ballet things. I keep my ballet things in a purple backpack.

  5. Love your new bed Inky, it does look like it will be better for your toys to not fall between the bed and wall. I think your other beds were really cute too. I love your room.

    We do not have enough area for all of us to have our own room like you, but Mama made up our own area's. It has our beds with sleeping bags that Nana made in our special fabric.

    Then we have an area above our beds that we keep stuff of ours on, we will have to do a post of them sometime. Some of us even have PJ's that match our sleeping bags, Nana is really kewl.


  6. Salut, Inky!
    Wow, your room looks great! I really love your new bed. It looks so cozy.
    Ice-Bella is too cute- I like the ribbon!
    I actually have photos of my new room that I really should post. As I predicted, Micki did take over, but she has her own side. Fortunately, I don't have to share a room with my sister. She decided to room with Chrissa and Malorie.
    Back to my room...
    I somewhat share with Micki, and I say somewhat because she has her own space that is near the mirror side of our shelving unit. I get the bigger space. Micki comes in and uses the computer if she needs to, but for the most part, she stays in her space.

  7. I like to give gifts and write letters to kids in other countries and send them money to help them live, so in return, I usually get authentis beautiful gifts from their country. So I those all over my room, a bathroom, and a TV.

  8. Hi Inky, this is Summer.

    I have to say, I think Ice Bella with her bow is a really cute idea. She looks great with your other Ugly Dolls!

    Your new day bed looks great too, and it'll be nice that your toys won't fall behind.

    In my old house, I used to share a bedroom with Kiwi, but now I have my own. It's kind of fun to have my own space, but it's a little disorienting sometimes to wake up all by myself. I guess I'm still getting used to it, after sharing for such a long time.

    I have a twin bed made of white wood, with a bedspread that looks like a quilt. It's purple and yellow and green. Someday I'd like to have a real handmade quilt, but this is good for now.


  9. Hey Inky,

    This is my very first time posting.

    It's so funny that you named her Ice-Bella because Bella is my name!

  10. Oh Inky! I love your new bed and all your uglydolls. Ice-Bella is just perfect!

  11. Guten Tag Inky,
    I really love your blog. I was wondering what kind of doll you are.
    I have only read a few of your posts but I already love it all. I like how she dances.
    In one of your recent posts I saw instrument cases. What does she play?
    I'm know, so many questions!
    Auf Wiedersehen,

  12. Guten Tag Silverstreak!

    Do you speak German? My grandfather is a German professor, so my Mama grew up hearing German all the time.

    I'm an American Girl Doll, number 4. My type of doll was retired this June, but is still available on eBay.

    My instrument cases are a violin and a viola!

    Thanks for reading!


  13. Inky, I sure do like that Mumbo penguin that's on the wrapping paper of your present from Katia. You know I heard a rumor going around that there's a giant penguin that haunts your apartment. Is it true? If so, can you capture a run-in between the two of you? Scarrrry!! xx