My Official Youtube

Hi everyone! Remember, my giveaway is open for entries until 8pm on Tuesday, December 13th- so tell your friends to come on over and enter too!

Lately, lots of people have been asking me if I have a YouTube account. Until tonight, the answer was no.  However, I decided to create an account because I've had problems in the past with people stealing my photos and using them in their own videos.

This is my very first video. It's a collection of photos of me in Ukraine this summer, set to the song "Evening in Crimea" by the Night Snipers (a Russian band).



  1. Yeah Inky, it is awesome that you have a youtube account, we have one too, but Mama has not done much. The one ag video we got up does not have me in it because I was not here, so she needs to update. LOL

    When we get back from town today I will have to go follow you on youtube, but we are leaving in just a few minutes.


  2. Inky!! What a pretty song you selected! I wish I could remember more of my Russian. I love your video! Did you edit it yourself? You are amazing.

    I still read your blog and play Ugly Dolls every day. I miss you!

    Love Violet

  3. Cool, Inky! We love your video. :-)


  4. Salut, Inky!
    I enjoyed seeing the photos in your video. I'd love to visit Ukraine someday- it looks very pretty!