My Holiday Wishlist

New Year Tree

I don't usually put up my New Year Tree until just after Christmas, but I wanted to put up early this year! I finished putting the lights on, but I still need to do the ornaments. Until then, Ice Bella is going to watch over the tree and protect it from invaders.

So, I've had a few friends ask me for my holiday wishlist.  Here it is!

  1. A Squishable Micro Narwhal- the perfect size for me! I just remove the clip. ($8.50 at
  2. Sylvanian Families' Mulberry Raccoon Baby Boy ($6.64/ £4.25 on eBay)
  3. Calico Critters Baby Swing- for my baby red panda! ($6.99 at Toys R Us
  4. NanoBlock Space Shuttle ($21.50 at
  5. Playmobil Cave Woman ($5.99 at
  6. Croudy the Uglydoll clip-on. I remove the clip. ($6.00 at

Inky's holiday wishlist

What are you asking for as gifts for the winter holidays? Which holiday do you celebrate? My family celebrates New Year!


  1. I wish I could buy you something, but I have already spent all my gift money. Sorry Inky!

  2. How neat! My sisters and I posted our holiday wish-lists over at my blog already as well! The main thing I want is a new teddy bear!(Since mine old one got demolished by my two bunnies) Eventually though, I'd like to have as many stuffed animals as you!(I would if my sisters didn't have to have stuffed animals too)
    If you don't blog again before New Year, have a happy one!

  3. P.S. I love your sweater to pieces! My guardian found the pattern for a sweater just like that one! Now if only she could knit…….

  4. Emmie,
    Did you find the sweater on etsy by Qute? If so, that's my sweater! I'm wearing the one she made as an example for her shop.

  5. Oh wow Inky, LOVE that sweater, how totally kewl is that pattern, and that color is perfect on you.

    You have some good wishes for your holiday gifts, that is kewl you put your tree up early, it is beautiful cannot wait to see it after you get the ornaments put on it. We are loving our purple tree too, it will stay up until New Years as well.

    Hope you get several of your wishes for your holiday, enjoy the fun of your tree too.


    P.S. you should enter our contest with a photo of you decorating your new years tree.

  6. Hi Inky,

    You have some neat stuff on your wish-list! I hope you find it all under your tree come New Year.

    I celebrate Christmas on the 25th, BUT I'm also a firm believer in the twelve days of Christmas. Sometimes I don't send or receive presents until Epiphany. I also don't like to put up my tree until Christmas Eve (or maybe the eve of Christmas Eve, the 23rd). I usually leave it up until Jan. 19th, which is the human's birthday. I'm probably the only one who sets my tree up late, but ah well.


  7. Salut, Inky!
    I really love your sweater. Actually, I love your whole outfit!
    I celebrate Christmas on the 25th and in France, I have a large dinner with my family the night before- we call that La Réveillon. The holiday season starts on the 6th for me (la fête de Saint-Nicolas), and it continues until Epiphany.
    December is just an all-around good month for me. My birthday is on the 19th!
    Your wishlist is filled with some fun things! I hope you get everything you ask for. Since my birthday is so close to Christmas, my sister and I usually receive our birthday and Christmas gifts on Christmas day. I already know of one thing I'm getting...

  8. Inky, I have my Christmas/ New Years list on my blog!

  9. Hi, Inky! This has nothing to do with your new post, but I need help picking out a doll. I either want american girl #39 or #23. I would also accept name suggestion. Thanks, it's killing me!

  10. Inky, you are so organized! I want a laptop of my own for Christmas. That's what we celebrate, and we will open gifts on Christmas morning and have a big dinner that day. We have all been busy decorating and baking and are not ready yet!

    ~ Kiki

  11. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments!

    Sabine, my family celebrates St. Nikolaus Tag (St. Nick's Day) too! I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but my mama's father, my Grand-père, is French! His name is Nicolas, so when Mama was growing up, the family always had a big party for St. Nikolaus Tag (Grand-père may be French, but he is a college professor of German, hence the St. Nikolaus Tag name.). All of my grandparents' colleagues and students would come over.

    Of course, my moms don't have a party, but we all set out our shoes. Should I do a post showing what I got?

    P.S. For those who are interested, this is the link to the pattern for the sweater:

  12. We celebrate New Year too! But, you already knew that. I have three things on my wish list: 1. LaLaLoopsy dolls, especially the ice skater one, 2. New skinny jeans, and 3. A trip to NYC to visit you! (I want the third one most!)

  13. Maybe you should add some red panda paraphernalia to your wishlist, Inky. Who knows? It might be coming your way! xx

  14. Inky, yes! That's exactly what the shop was called! Maybe if I buy the pattern with my own holiday money, it will compel my guardian to start learning to knit!

  15. We got the nanoblock Panda set in our house this holiday season. It is very cool. Hope we will get more of them.