Love is an Open Door!


Brooke and I have a lot in common, including a love for the movie Frozen! While we were in Norway, we decided to dress up as Kristoff and Anna and pretend we were in the kingdom from the movie, Arendelle.  We had fun acting out different scenes from the movie.  Here we are pretending to climb the North Mountain!


Kristoff is one of my favorite characters in the movie/ Broadway show. I love how he is honest and learns from his mistakes.  The amazing Bee (from the etsy shop A Bee Line) made my Kristoff costume. I love it!  My parents are always telling me how important imaginative play is for kids- and Brooke and I love to play pretend!


Doesn't Brooke look pretty in her Anna costume? Brooke and I also love Anna and Elsa.  Anna sacrifices everything for her sister; that's true love! And Elsa learns to be true to herself and accept her differences and talents.


Sunnmøre Museum is such a great place to pretend.  We loved this little house with greenery on the roof! We thought it looked like the perfect place for a resident of Arendelle to live!


Brooke and I had so much fun playing together. In this photo, we're pretending to be Anna and Hans singing "jinx! jinx again!"


Norway is a wonderful country. Brooke and I were so grateful to her grandparents that we got to visit! Here we are posing with the Norwegian flag in our Arendelle outfits.  We had so much fun exploring Sunnmøre Museum and learning about the "old days" of Norway, just as we had a fantastic time dressing up as Anna and Kristoff and playing Arendelle!

Have you ever seen the movie Frozen? What did you think of it?

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