Formal Night at Animator's Palate


After our ship departed from Norway, it was time to celebrate Formal Night on board the Disney Magic! Brooke and I were so excited that we would get to celebrate with dinner at Animator's Palate. On many cruise lines, passengers participate in rotational dining- that means you rotate through the different restaurants on the ship.  On the Magic, the main dining rooms are Animator's Palate, Rapunzel's Royal Table, and Lumière's. Both Brooke and I love Animator's Palate the most.  Each of the restaurants has entertainment, but we think Animator's Palate has the best entertainment of the three! There is also a fancy adult restaurant called Palo, but we aren't old enough to visit that one.


On Formal Night, everybody on the ship is encouraged to dress in their prettiest outfit. I wore a green dress my mom's friend made me, and Brooke wore a full-length gown. Doesn't she look pretty?


I love Formal Night! I normally hate wearing dresses, but something about dressing up with your friends is extra fun, don't you think?

Have you ever dressed up and gone out for dinner or another activity with your friends or family?


  1. It is fun to dress up with friends. Makes the gathering extra special. you both look great! What did you get to eat?