Celebrating Pride with Friends!


Celebrating Pride is so important! My friends and I decided that we should have a mini-celebration in the park.  I met up with Reine and Sol to cheer for people of all genders and sexualities.  It was a lot of fun - people came up and talked with us about their own families and stories.


Sol lives in Soho with her mom and dad, but she wants to support everyone even if she doesn't have a direct connection to the queer community.  She wore her Rainbow Dash shirt!


Reine is a new friend of mine. She plays ukulele really well and was entertaining everyone with her music. She wore rainbow tights to celebrate!


As for me - I have two moms! I have a Mom and a Mama. I was marching to show the diversity of families.  Families can come in any shape and size, but all of them are beautiful!


Before we left the park, we stopped for a snack. Reine had some melon slices and I had a can of green tea.


Sol brought dumplings!


Celebrating the diversity of families is a great way to celebrate in the month of June! What is your family like?


  1. Awesome photos! I have a mom and a dad who got divorced when I was 15. It was a difficult experience, and it can still be hard to deal with today, but I love both of my parents nonetheless. Also, I went to my first Pride this year in Detroit, and it was super fun! I'm glad Inky and her friends had fun at theirs, too.

  2. Great photos and great friends. I'm glad you are there for each other. It is really good to have friends!