Camping on Fire Island!


Happy Summer! My family decided to kick off the summer season with a local Pride celebration and quickly followed that up with a trip to Fire Island! This year, I tried out a new tent.  There weren't many bugs on the beach (perhaps because it is early in the season), so i unzipped the door to my tent and snoozed until the sun was rising high in the sky.


I love Fire Island! It was very hot in New York City this weekend, so it was nice to drive out to the island and feel nice and cool in the ocean breeze.  Fire Island is a barrier island off the south shore of Long Island.  Cars are not allowed on most of the island, so we took a ferry there! It was so cool.  As soon as my family pitched our tents, I ran to the water!


Since Fire Island is a National Seashore, it is important not to take the shells you find on the beach off the island! I spent some time with my friend Simona painting shells and selling them to earn money for ice cream; I'll have to take photos of us doing it the next time we are on Fire Island though.  Fire Island is lots of fun because kids can run around more freely than in the city.  I love having more independence and it was great to see Simona's family's house!


I love collecting shells.  I did a lot of it because the waves were pretty high and the water is very cold.  Big clam shells are the best for painting, so I got a bunch of those.


Tossing a beach ball on the beach is also fun- but it's also pretty hard because the wind keeps blowing my throws off course! Oops!


I also built a sand... well, it wasn't a castle. It was more like a big termite mound! So yes, I built a sand termite mound! It was lots of fun. I love to squish the wet sand between my toes!


After two full days playing on the beach, selling shells, visiting the playground, and eating lots of yummy ice cream and pasta with artichoke pesto- it was time to head back to the city. I had a fantastic time! I have a few more photos that I will post later. They're of me with Simona!

Do you like to go camping? Where do you go?

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  1. Looks alike a great time on Fire Island! I hope you tent was high enough on the beach to avoid high tide! :-)