Aboard the Disney Dream


Hello hello! If my trip to Disney World with Brooke was fun, the next segment of our trip was amazing! After four days at Disney World, we set sail on the Disney Dream cruise ship.   Brooke and I were both very excited, as neither of us had ever been on a cruise.

The first order of business was lining up on the deck for a lifeboat drill.  We learned what to do in an emergency. It was a little scary, but luckily we never had an emergency after all. Phew! Still, I am glad the cast members on the cruise prepared us, just in case.


Once we got settled in, we went to the pool! It was very sunny and warm on the cruise.  Brooke and I had so much fun splashing in the water and being silly together.


After we swam, we hung out on the deck watching the ocean. We hoped we'd see a dolphin swimming by, but we never did.  That didn't stop us from looking though!


One thing I loved about sailing on the Dream was the AquaDuck! The AquaDuck is a water slide that goes around the pool deck. You have to climb up lots of steps to get to it, then you slide in a tube all the way back down. It was so fun! Brooke and I rode together and laughed and laughed.


After riding the AquaDuck and swimming, Brooke and I relaxed on the pool deck so that we could watch Inside Out on the big screen above the pool! Brooke and I actually saw the movie together at the movie theatre when it first came out, but we were excited to see it again!

Even though we had only been on the cruise for Day 1, Brooke and I were ready to declare our trip a success!

Have you ever been on a cruise?


  1. Wow! I've never even seen the ocean, I can't imagine how amazing a cruise must be! Looks like you and Brooke are having an incredible time! Inside Out is one of my favorite movies. :)

  2. I've never been on a cruise, but after seeing your photos, I really want to go on one!

  3. I've never been on a cruise, but I think I'd like to go on one at least once in my lifetime. Also, I love Inky's swimsuit. It's adorable. Glad you all had a nice time!