Aboard the Disney Dream Pt. 2


On the second day of our cruise, Brooke and I woke up when the sun came streaming in our porthole.   We were so excited to continue our adventure on the sea!


We ran to the porthole and all we could see was water in every direction! It was like that part in the movie Moana, when her chicken Hei Hei realizes he's in the middle of the ocean! It was so beautiful.


Before our cruise, I had never seen the ocean from the middle! Of course, I've looked out the window from the plane to or from Europe, or seen the water from the beach- but neither one of those experiences was the same as seeing the sea from a boat! Wow!


The lights in the hallways were a weird yellowy color, so please excuse this photo!  Disney cruises have lots of theme nights.  One of them was pirate night! The housekeeping staff passed out pirate bandannas and dinner had a festive pirate theme! It was so fun.

Another fun Disney cruise tradition is decorating your stateroom door with magnets! Do you like mine?

I was having such a good time on the boat that I didn't even notice the ground rocking beneath my feet as we cruised through the water.  I had been worried I'd get seasick, but luckily, it wasn't a problem.  Phew!

Until next time,

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