Octonauts Birthday Party!


Hello my friends! Last week, I celebrated my 11th birthday! I decided to have an Octonauts-themed party and invited my friends Coral, Brooke, and Petra Gray.  Since my birthday was on a Monday this year, we celebrated on Saturday the 21st.  My moms surprised me with a balloon bouquet, so I had to go out to the courtyard for a photo.  That afternoon, it was time for my party!


Even though most people save their cake until later in the party, my friends and I voted to have it right away! I had blue velvet cake with green icing.  Yum! I closed my eyes and made a secret wish.  I hope it comes true.  I love the smell in the air after I blow out my candles- it smells like birthday-time.


On a table off to the side of the room, my moms set up my party treats, presents, and goody bags.  The goody bags are little boxes that look just like Peso the Penguin Medic's medical bags from the Octonauts!


The party treats were so delicious! Ann's AG Miniatures made them just for me and they were just as tasty as I had been hoping.  There was a special octopus-shaped bread bowl with spinach dip and lots of tasty veggies.  There was a bowl of "fish biscuits" from the show. Don't worry! They didn't taste like fish- they're little crackers! Finally, I had awesome little "kelp cakes." They didn't taste like kelp either- they were cupcakes! Thank you Ann! I loved my party treats!


The little "kelp" cupcakes were so tasty! Do you like the paper chains? Brooke and I made them a few weeks ago with lots of colorful paper and a stapler.


Coral is a serious dance student, so she doesn't eat many sweets. Still, she had a piece of cake and then stuffed herself on broccoli.


One of the silliest parts of my party was the photo-op! My mom got a giant plush Captain Barnacles for us to take photos with! We all took turns posting with him.  Now that I think about it, I should have made Captain Barnacles wear a party hat too!


Brooke took her picture with me and Captain Barnacles. She lives in Manhattan, but she is originally from Seattle. She's really nice and a great new friend. I haven't known her very long, but I'm glad I invited her to my party!


Then it was time to open the presents my friends brought me! Last year, I asked my friends to give donations to the Red Panda Network instead of bringing presents, but this year, Coral said she really wanted to bring me a present. I decided to give my birthday money from my family to the red pandas instead.


Petra Gray gave me her present first. I shook it, but I didn't hear anything. Hmm? What could it be?


Petra Gray gave me a William plush! William is the blue hippo mascot of the Met Museum! He lives in the Egyptian Wing. You can see a photo of him with my friend Summer in this post from a few years ago. Thanks Petra Gray! William is an awesome gift.


Next, Brooke came up with her present. Brooke and I share a few interests, so I wondered if it could be something that we have in common.


Yes!! It was Ice Batman, or rather, Ice Bat dressed as Batman! Wow! Ice Bat even has a little cape. Thanks Brooke! It's fantastic!


Finally, it was Coral's turn to bring her present. We laughed because the presentation of gifts was so silly and formal. Coral always gives fabulous gifts. What did she bring me this year?


Wow!! A custom messenger bag from A Bee Line! Coral knows me so well. It has two sturdy buckles and it's Junior Ranger green! It's perfect for my adventures. Thank you Coral!


After I had opened my presents from my friends, I gave them each a goody bag to take home, with treats and surprises inside. I had a great birthday this year. I'm so excited to be 11! Thank you all for your sweet birthday greetings!

Your friend,

 In this post I'm wearing: tights, shoes, and skirt by American Girl; shirt by Royal Doll Boutique.


  1. Looks like you had an awesome birthday! Happy Birthday Inky!

  2. Joyeux Anniversaire, Inky! I absolutely love your party décor and treats this year. Broccoli - yum! I get tired of the traditional sweets at birthday party, haha. Vegetables are so healthy and tasty, too. Your new Batman-dressed Ice Bat is so stinking cute - I love him! I also really like your new messenger bag.


  3. Happy belated birthday, Inky! Looks like you had a great party!

  4. Too cute! The cake looks amazing. :)
    -Anna (daydreaming dolls)