Birthday Invitation & Giveaway 2015!

2015 bday invite

Octonauts to the HQ! I am having my 11th birthday party on November 21st! It will be Octonauts-themed, of course.

I will also be doing a special giveaway! You can win my party food, made by Ann's AG Miniatures! There will be three different food sets that one winner will receive.  I will show pictures of the food in the party post, and then in the next post, reveal the winner.

To enter, you need to:

1. Take a photo of your doll or other toy with a sign wishing me a Happy Birthday.
2. E-mail your photo to
3. Include your first name (or Instagram username) in the e-mail.

That's all! Please be aware that you MUST have a parent or guardian's permission to enter the contest if you are under 18. Should you win, I will be mailing you the prizes, so your parent/guardian will need to send me an address to ship the prize to.

Entries from all over are eligible, but an international winner will not receive tracking on the package.

The contest will be judged by me, so do your best in making the sign and taking the photo!


  1. Hello!
    I just stumbled across your blog. I would love to make a necklace or bracelet or pillow for you so please check out my store and purchase something. (It would make my day! :)
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  2. Just stopping by to wish you a wonderful, happy birthday!

    ~ Kiki