Jacob Riis Park Beach

Riis Park Beach Hodel is going to be going home soon, so I made sure my moms agreed to take her to one last special place- Jacob Riis Park Beach on the Rockaways. For most of the summer, the water is very, very cold. In September, the water is quite warm and you can go wading or swimming without freezing your heinie off! The waves were huge as the day before, there was a big storm and a tornado only a few blocks from the beach. Luckily, the day we went, the sky was clear and blue with no sign of storms.

Riis Park Beach

Hodel is from Ohio, where they don't have big ocean beaches. I think she was very happy to come and dip her toes in the Atlantic Ocean. Jacob Riis Park Beach is on a barrier island- to get there, you have to cross two bridges and go through the little village of Broad Channel. It's a pretty drive; we went right past Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, another favorite outdoor place I like to take my friends.

Riis Park Beach

After Labor Day, the park service no longer posts lifeguards to the beach, so there were very few families there. Since we weren't planning to swim, we were safe and enjoyed the quiet environment. Hodel and I walked around looking for shells and skate cases.

Jacob Riis Beach

Hodel wore a white dress to the beach; she looked so summery and pretty! I felt sad that she'll be leaving so soon. It's always nice to spend time with dear friends. Hodel and I have know each other through the internet for a few years, but it was only this summer that we finally got to meet in person.

Jacob Riis Beach

Here's me on the beach! Ballet classes started up again last week. Coral and I are in Girls IV now, the green leotard level. Soon, we'll be starting to learn to dance en pointe and also going to audition for the Nutcracker. I love performing, but I'm starting to dread ballet class. It's a lot of work. I have a hard time staying quiet for the entire lesson and there are many girls there who are amazing dancers and want to dance for their jobs. I know now that I want to be a park ranger, so I feel a little left out.

Riis Park Beach

As Hodel and I looked out over the Atlantic, I was able to tell her my worries about ballet. She told me that it's okay to stop doing something if you aren't enjoying it any more. I think I might be happier without ballet in my life, but everyone thinks of it as being part of me and tells me to keep dancing. How do I know if stopping or staying is the right decision? What would you do?

In this entry I'm wearing: a tee from Dynamite Threads, shorts from Doll Closet, and shoes from American Girl


  1. That looks like so much fun! It's crazy that the water is warm in September, but cold in the summer. We will be back on the gulf coast beaches in October and I hope it's warm!

    Always love your adventures.


  2. Oh, gosh, I remember having to wear a coat when I went to Jacob Riis Park Beach! I'm so glad Hodel got to go during a warmer part of the year (though going to the beach during the winter/early spring does have its charm, too!). But, Hodel? Why are you wearing white after Labor Day?! I'm just kidding - I never abide by that social rule myself! It's kind of silly.

    Inky, do what your heart tells you to do. Only you know what is best. I must admit that I started to miss ballet after I quit my lessons. Like you, I didn't - and still don't - want to dance professionally, but I still love the feeling of getting out on the dance floor in my ballet slippers. I guess that's why I take an extracurricular ballet class for fun now. It's no way as rigorous as the classes Juliette takes, but it's all I really need. And, by the way, everyone will love you regardless of whether you continue dancing or not. Please don't think you'd be disappointing anyone by not continuing, if that's what you decide to do. ;)


  3. Salut, Inky!
    Wow, whenever I get the opportunity to visit you, I definitely want to go to Jacob Riis Park Beach! It's beautiful, and I love everything about beaches. They are so tranquil.
    I don't know what to tell you about ballet. I've only taken one ballet class myself, and that was when I was about four or five and my mom wanted my sister and I to try it out because she just felt it was something that little girls do. This might sound weird, but I hated it because it seemed so disciplined. Haha, and my sister who hates "playing by the rules" ended up loving it! It just bored me, even if I was there for a day. I would have preferred to stay home and maybe ride my bike.
    Anyway, I appreciate dance as a form of art. After all, my sister and best friend both dance; however, I have to admit that I do get restless watching ballets and recitals. Dance just isn't my thing, and that's okay. I think that it's okay if you are confused about your feeling towards ballet. It's perfectly normal to question things like that, especially as we get older. I also think it is important to embrace our talents and do what we like. For example, I really like to sing, and that is something that I want to keep getting better at doing. I definitely stopped doing things I wasn't interested in anymore...like playing the piano! I tried it, but my instructor made me hate it. I lost any pleasure or enjoyment I got from it. It's truly up to you- you have to do what you think is right for you.
    Gros bisous et bonne chance!

    PS- Sandrine and Aurélie think that you should stay with it. They love being en pointe!

  4. Inky-
    I will be starting pointe (as a human) this year! My sister already does it and says that you get blisters and it hurts but it is sooo worth it. Congratulations on moving up a level I just moved up to level 5 out of 8 at my dance studio! BTW where did Hodel get her dress and shoes! They are too cute!

  5. Cold, eh? You gotta come down and see me quick. :)