Tumacacori National Historical Park

Tumacacori National Historical Park

After I had spent a few days relaxing in Arizona, it was time to get back to Junior Rangering! This time, Raven and I chose Tumacacori National Historical Park, which is about an hour south of the city where Raven and Summer live. We stopped on the way to get a cherry limeade at Sonic- our favorite! When we arrived at the park, we stopped to get a photo with the park sign. It's a tradition!

Tumacacori National HIstorical Park

Tumacacori is a complex where Spanish priests set up a mission to the local American Indians. The park has a beautiful church, which you can see behind me in the photo. It looks like the bell tower is in disrepair- but the truth is that it was never actually finished. The church is very old and beautiful. It reminded my of my grandmother's church back in New Mexico. Raven and I tried to be very quiet and respectful when we explored the church.

Tumacacori National HIstorical Park

The church isn't the only part of the park. We hiked out to an old lime kiln. This was Raven's favorite part. We passed the fiesta grounds, where people of all backgrounds can gather to celebrate. There was also a really neat ki- a traditional American Indian house. Finally, there was a museum full of information about the local Native peoples and their interaction with the Spanish missionaries.

Tumacacori National HIstorical Park

The Junior Ranger program at Tumacacori is really unusual and fun. You get a three ring collection of laminated cards that you can reference as you explore the park. When you are finished, you can take the cards back to the ranger, who gives you a mini quiz about what you saw. Raven and I were proud to earn our badges when we had answered the quiz- the hardest question was how to pronounce "Tumacacori." (Emphasis goes on the "CA" syllable.) Ranger Vicki was awesome! She gave us a special activity book we could take home with us to color. Tumacacori National HIstorical Park Tumacacori is a great park. If you are ever in Southern Arizona, you should make the time to visit it! It was fun to imagine being a Native girl living at the mission. Have you ever visited a sacred place?

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  1. Salut, Inky!
    If I ever head out west someday (which I hope to, considering I seriously want to visit LA), I will have to stop by this park. I think this is my new favorite place that you've been. I especially love how this park is linked to the Spanish. In Spanish class, we've been learning about the history of Spain abroad, so this is so neat.
    As you probably already know, there are many old churches and cathedrals in France. I guess those would be the most sacred places I've visited? My favorite is the Basilique-Cathédrale Sainte-Réparate de Nice.

    1. Salut, Sabine!

      Yes, Tumacacori definitely has a Spanish connection. Everything there was bilingual, in Spanish and English. I had fun trying to decipher the Spanish explanations on the museum signs. I would love to go to Spain someday. In fact, the place I would love to visit is the cave paintings at Altamira, but I don't think they are open to the public anymore. Your friend Lucien told me he'd been to Lascaux- I'm so envious! I am very interested in ancient Europe!


  2. Sounds like fun! It looks like a beautiful park! Hope you had fun!
    ~ McKenna