Statue of Liberty and AMNH

Statue of Liberty

One of Katia's NYC wishes was to see the Statue of Liberty.  To be honest, I rarely see it myself, so I was up for the trip too.  We had to catch a ferry from Battery Park that took us all the way to Liberty Island.  First of all, the security for the Statue of Liberty is airport style and as a result, the lines to get on the boat are super long.  Second of all, it is freezing cold on a ferry in early March!

Statue of Liberty

Katia was so excited, even if she was the tiniest bit seasick. Doesn't she look pretty with Lady Liberty behind her? I tried to convince her to earn the Statue of Liberty Junior Ranger badge, but she didn't really want to. I'll have to try again on her next visit. While we were on the island, it was cold and windy. We didn't do much but shiver and eat chicken strips in the little restaurant. The ferry back was super cold too- after we got a few more photos, we rode inside the boat instead of on the top deck.

American Museum of Natural History

Once we got back on dry land, we took the train uptown to the American Museum of Natural History. Katia wanted to see the dinosaur bones! Here she is sitting on one. Some of the dinosaurs were HUGE! But some were really small and cute.

American Museum of Natural History

I love the museum. I hadn't gone in several months. My favorite part is the Hall of Human Origins. We didn't go there this time, but I did choose a Playmobil mammoth as my souvenir.

It was nice having Katia visit- she and I could babble away in Russian for hours. She's been gone almost a month now though- I just haven't been very good about updating my blog. I'll write again soon- we have new neighbors down the hall and they have a daughter my age!

P.S. To those of you who requested valentines but didn't get them yet- I ran out of little pins. The new ones should be here soon, so I'll send them then. It's never too late for a valentine, right? ;)


  1. Brr, visiting the Statue of Liberty in March doesn't look fun to me! Katia even looks like she's shivering in that photo, but at least she got the chance to wear her pretty Russian coat. I love your coat, too, especially with the way it buttons up. Those buttons are so cute!

    I think the Hall of Human Origins is my favorite part of the Natural History museum, too. I love looking at the intricate dioramas!

    Have you introduced yourself to the new neighbor yet? Don't be shy - everyone likes you! How could they not? You are the sweetest girl ever!


  2. Hello Inky!
    Amanda has been to the Statue of Liberty. It was extremely windy that day and her hair was flopping everywhere! You couldnt hear people talkin! I hope you and Katia have lots more fun adventures!

    Ary, Abri, Lora, and Lani.

  3. Hey, the Statue of Liberty looks fantastic behind you guys!
    The weather was cool, but I bet you made great memories.
    You should take some friends to Governor's Island!
    It's so quiet, it's the best!
    Love the shirt!

  4. I love Katias style!I cannot WAIT to get my valentine!

  5. ooooooh, that looks so cool! I would love to see that museum! it looks really cool, where I live we only really have 1 good museum. katia does look good next to the statue of liberty, so do you inky ^.^

  6. Dear Inky,
    Recently me and my new sister Lyla visited the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago! We saw the most adorable red panda ever! I thought of you when I saw it!
    Love from,
    Ali <3

  7. Inky, how fun, it looks like you guys had a good time even if it was awfully cold that day. I cannot wait to get to NY and hopefully meet up with you and spend some time. I love that natural history museum, how close is that to Manhattan .. that would be fun to visit, mama says we have to slow down as we only have two days .. lol

  8. Inky where did you get your coat?

    1. My coat is custom-made for me by Dynamite Threads.