The Mariinsky Ballet

This weekend, Piper and I were lucky.  We received tickets to The Mariinsky Ballet's Firebird as a gift! I saw The Mariinsky Ballet last summer here at Lincoln Center, but Piper had never seen them. They're known as one of the world's best ballet companies.  Not only did we get tickets- but the performance was in Washington DC! On Friday morning, Piper and I woke up early to take the train down to our nation's capitol.

The Kennedy Center

We knew that The Kennedy Center (where the performance was held) is a Very Important Place, so we wore our best dresses, from Melody Valerie Couture. Of course, we had to have our photo taken in the big beautiful lobby of the theatre. The Mariinsky performed three ballets- Chopiniana, Firebird, and Scheherazade. My favorite was Firebird; I loved all the monsters and the sorcerer!

The Kennedy Center

During the intermissions, we went to the Members' Lounge and had lemonade and cookies! There were some other girls there too, also dressed up.

It was a magical evening; I'm so glad we had the chance to see The Mariinsky Ballet during Piper's visit! It was all thanks to a family friend of my friend Maiki, who had some extra tickets.


  1. Hiya Inks!

    I wish I could have met up with you and Piper! I received the flyer in the mail about The Mariinsky Ballet's performance, but I wasn't able to get tickets. Ah well! But I'm so glad you got to go with Piper. You two look lovely in your Melody Valerie dresses. Piper almost looks like she stepped out of a different time period. ;)


  2. Your dresses are beautiful, you both look awesome in them, and sounds like you had tons of fun. The Firebird sounds good, would have loved to see it with you and see the monsters and the sorcerer, Mama loved the opera and ballet when she was in college, but there is no where to see that around here, we are in the middle of nowhere now.

    You two look beautiful.

  3. Bonsoir, Inky!
    The theater is beautiful, and the ballet sounds like it was spectacular! I'm glad that you girls had a great time. Inky, your dress happens to be my favorite MV dress of all time. Piper looks beautiful in her dress as well. The color suits her well.

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  5. Hey Inky,
    That looks so amazing! I wish I could go to a ballet sometime, she looks so pretty! You are really pretty, too! I may be a little new to this whole blogging thing, but I've learned that you go a lot of places and you don't like to wear dresses! You've worn these pretty dresses in so many recent posts, I'm starting to wonder. Have you had a change of heart?
    See ya,
    *oops, I accidently deleted it the first time... :)*

  6. Wow! This is so cool! A train ride and the ballet and going to D.C. ... I can't even imagine what that would be like. Thanks for the amazing photos and sharing about it all.

    ~ Kiki